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For travel Professionals of the world, HotelsPro is the leading hospitality marketplace that seamlessly offers the fastest access to the most relevant, competitively priced hospitality products and solutions on a global scale.

375,000 HOTELS

Growing number of hotels in more than 15,000 destinations



The Next Generation API

Our new generation search API Coral gives you the fastest and seamless access to a vast hotel inventory with reliable detailed content.

Best in Class BI Solutions

Our state-of-art insight and analytics platform, Inspectroom, enables you to clarify and utilize a complex set of data.

B2B Booking Interface

Multilingual website with multiple payment options. 20,000+ travel professionals preferred us

More than 20,000 B2B Travel Professionals

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Latest News

ByHotelsPro Feb 27, 2017

February at a glance…

Everybody thinks February is a short month because it has 28 days. Is it really? Not so sure. HotelsPro had a busy month again; full of events, f

ByHotelsPro Feb 27, 2017

Interview with Serpil Sargin from Istanbul office

How many languages can you speak? Do you personally know anyone who can speak 6 different languages? Well, then let us introduce you to Serpil S

ByHotelsPro Feb 21, 2017

“Best B2B Travel Provider Award” goes to HotelsPro!

We are very happy and proud to announce that HotelsPro has been awarded as “Best B2B Travel Provider” within World Tourism Awards at World To

ByHotelsPro Feb 2, 2017

HotelsPro’s renewed interface offers hotel reservations %50 faster

We proudly launched our renewed interface that allows clients to search and book 50% faster. Our cutting-edge technology enables our clients no

ByHotelsPro Jan 30, 2017

What will be the tourism trends for 2017?

Nevgul Bilsel Safkan, our Managing Director, forecasted the trends and growth that will shape the tourism industry in 2017 and moving forward

ByHotelsPro Jan 26, 2017

Interview with Arek Lee Dulgar from Orlando office

Want to hear a great story starting from Istanbul to New York and finally Florida? Well, say hello to Arek Lee Dulgar, our Customer Support Mana

ByHotelsPro Jan 26, 2017

January at a glance…

We have started a brand new year with full of hopes, dreams, targets and good news. January was a busy month for all of us but it paid really wel

ByHotelsPro Jan 26, 2017

HotelsPro’s new Dubai office

As HotelsPro family, we are very proud and excited to announce that we have moved our Dubai office. We are still in the same tower but 26th floo

ByHotelsPro Jan 6, 2017

HotelsPro’s New Regional VP for MEA and South Asia

A big welcome from HotelsPro Team to our new Vice President for MEA and South Asia, Mr. Alaeddin Jebrini Erkan, who will be responsible for the m

ByHotelsPro Dec 28, 2016

HotelsPro’s new interface is ready to rock!

We are proud to announce that the new interface of HotelsPro.com is ready to rock! After being one of the biggest player of the hotel wholesal

ByHotelsPro Dec 23, 2016

The most preferred destinations for New Year’s Eve

Do you know the most preferred cities for the New Year’s Eve? Paris is the favorite city! According to HotelsPro’s insights, Paris ranked fir

ByHotelsPro Dec 20, 2016

Interview with the Founder and CEO of MetGlobal

Do all of us know the story of HotelsPro? How was our company born? How did it achieve huge success? We wanted to learn HotelsPro's story directl

ByHotelsPro Dec 19, 2016

HotelsPro’s new generation API: Coral

As Hotelspro, we are happy and proud to announce that we have launched our new generation search and booking API, Coral. Aggregating and consolid

ByHotelsPro Nov 21, 2016

MetGlobal Established “MetGlobal Academy”

The world's leading travel and accommodation supplier MetGlobal Group of Companies, which also includes HotelsPro, established its travel industr

ByHotelsPro Nov 21, 2016

HotelsPro Relaunch Party rocked!

We have celebrated our new brand identity with a great Relaunch Party at Istanbul office! We are a big, energetic, happy, lucky team! And we love

ByHotelsPro Nov 7, 2016

The new brand identity of HotelsPro

We are happy and proud to launch our new brand identity at the World Travel Market (WTM), considered as one of the world’s most important touri

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