Grape harvests are continuing all around the world in this time period of the year. While the months are moveable in the Southern part of the world, in Napa Valley and Sonoma County harvests started to run in August, and they will resume until the end October. Here is a list we have prepared for you regarding the best places to experience the best grape harvests in the world.

Napa and Sonoma
August to October
You can plan a trip to Napa Valley and Sonoma Country for the harvest season of 2017. It is time to taste from cabernet sauvignon to pinot noir there. As the lighter grapes started to be collected in August, bolder grapes such as syrah and cabernet sauvignon are harvested in October. There are interactive tours and parties every year from August to October in Napa and Sonoma.

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Tuscany, Italy
End of September to October
Wine experts see Italy as a dream destination since some of the best wines in the world are produced in Italy. Italian region is known for its Sangiovese and Cabernet-based wines and blends. Wines like Vernaccia and Trebbiano are harvested in the beginning of the season, on the other hand, if you want to taste world-famous Sangiovese, you have to wait until October. Since enjoying the season in Tuscany is once in a lifetime experience, it is time to book a hotel room in the region.

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Provence, France
September to October
Provence is a must visit place for the wine people. If you want to taste the beautiful rosé in Provence, you have know that the season normally starts in September and ends at the end of October. Bordeaux and Burgundy are the other alternatives in France. Get yourself ready to taste amazing wines of the country.

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Lavaux, Switzerland
The Lavaux vineyards along Lake Geneva are a UNESCO world heritage site and a standout amongst the most beautiful places in the nation. The slopes are steep to the point that grapes can’t be collected with machinery and must be picked by hand. That is the reason each farmer in the neighborhood help with the grape harvesting. White wines like Chassels and reds like pinot noir and Gamay, along with pinot blanc and sauvignon blanc are the ones need to be tasted, book your hotel to visit the world heritage vineyards of Lavaux.

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Douro River, Portugal
There is dependably a reason for festivity in Douro, yet the best time is October to celebrate the grape harvest. October is an ideal time to visit Douro, since it is the month the grape harvesting happens. You can get your feet wet, before tasting the intense red wines. Douro River has a fame for being an awesome tasting port in Portugal. Let’s taste the best red wines in Douro and join the celebration.

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