The coronavirus epidemic caused extensive measures to be taken in accommodation facilities. So, what are these measures taken to protect from the corona?

Nowadays, when the world is going through a difficult process, we are gradually overcoming the effects of the pandemic. We spent half of the year with some travel restrictions from governments, and these restrictions are now slowly disappearing. With the arrival of summer months, people have already started searching for safe destinations and hotels. Before people decide where to travel, they are most curious about which countries have opened their borders and what precautions have been taken in the hotels where they will be staying.

The tourism sector has also taken some measures to make this process safer for the customer. Accommodation facilities have started to share their holiday experience, cleanliness/hygiene rules, and precautions regarding guest safety.

They generally focus on 4 headings under the name of safe social distance, open-closed area disinfection, ozone, and ULV disinfection, isolated rooms, and meals.

For those who want to stay safely in isolated rooms where Coronavirus measures are taken, the main measures taken by the facilities are as follows:

  • Food and drink that supports the immune system
  • Supervision of warehouse and food safety
  • Rooms left empty for at least 24 hours
  • Social distance regulations in common areas
  • Disinfection with Ozone and ULV Machines
  • Periodic open space disinfection
  • Periodic indoor disinfection
  • Textile products are washed at 90 degrees

Besides, hygiene rules set by the Ministry of Health of each country can also be applied.