The constant stream of travel photographs on Instagram can give endless inspiration to your client’s next trip, however they may see that specific destinations are topping off their feed. Fortunately, we are here to enable voyagers to find the next big destination by singling out spots that offer a new twist on destinations that have just surged in popularity. These alternative destinations that will get them a lot of Instagram likes.

Hainan (instead of Singapore)
China’s biggest tropical island has shoreline vibes and some significant luxury resorts. We are pitching the spot as an alternative option to Singapore, taking note of that the Chinese government has as of late allowed 30-day visa-free access to the island for voyagers from 59 nations including the United States.

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Wrocław (instead of Prague)The Polish city shares Prague’s wonderful architecture, yet with a more casual vibe. Wandering the lovely central square will give a wonderful and beautiful setting for every one of those photographs you need to take.

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The Azores (instead of Costa Rica)You’ll get all the beautiful shorelines, greenery and volcanoes you want on these Portuguese islands. They are additionally a less-than six-hour flight from the East Coast.

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Montenegro (instead of Croatia)Stunning coastlines and historic cities have prompted a massive tourism blast in Croatia. However, neighboring Montenegro presents a similarly wonderful experience. The city of Kotor was named as the best city to visit in 2016 and its profile has kept on rising.
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Marrakesh (instead of Dubai)Dubai has style and charm, however, Marrakesh has more exquisite colors than the eye can deal with. You won’t have the capacity to quit snapping while wandering the winding alleyways and it’s additionally an extraordinary place to go to visit the Atlas Mountain range.

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