Cosmos is a universe of data that includes hotels, destinations and media content in a multi-language format efficiently capable of serving mappings by its own integrated hotel mapping service to customers.

Data Universe:

  • 500,000 hotels and increasing
  • Accurate, up-to-date and standardized facilities and locations content
  • High-resolution images
  • Multi-language content
  • Duplicate data reduction

Integrated Mapping System:

  • Hotel mapping and provider of property mapping for clients, including by meal type, room type, etc.
  • Static Data API with content updated daily
  • Detailed continuous optimization on client’s mappings

Italian economy grew by 1% in 2016, accelerating to 1.3% at the end of 2017. An improving labor market and low inflation rate continue to support the consumer spending that has driven Italy’s recovery so far. But there’s little sign of a pickup in business investment.

More than 80 million visitors went to Italy in 2017, making it Europe’s second-largest inbound travel market after France. One-fifth of all travelers visited Italy on business. Italy is Europe’s fourth-largest business travel market, with close to €30 billion spent in 2017. Only 16% of the country’s 2017 visitors arrived from countries outside Europe. Over the next three years, spending by international travelers will grow more quickly, lifting total spending to about 50% by 2020.

Traveling in the autumn means fewer crowds, shorter lines in front of the landmarks, and better deals. Along with the breathtaking autumn foliage, the cooler temperature is another reason for people to visit Italy in fall.


Nobody can deny the beauty of Rome in autumn. After the long summer months and before the seasonal holidays, autumn is the perfect time to discover the city without tourist crowds. Mild temperatures, some cultural events, locals returning from summer vacations, and seasonal vegetables are the most significant reasons to visit Rome in Fall.

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October is the most lovely time of the city of Florence for many people. The hot Mediterranean summer leaves the city to velvety rays of fall: golden, crimson, brown and yellow leaves. The city has beautiful places to visit that is impossible to explore during hot and sweaty summer days. You can sit in the local restaurants to taste delicious red wine and freshly made olive oil of the city.

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Milan is one of the most visited cities in Italy. The city is extremely famous for fashion. People visit Milan to shop the latest fashion clothes. Besides being the city of fashion, Milan is also popular for being the host city of the largest Gothic cathedral in the world and La Scala Opera House.

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Venice is beautiful all year round, but autumn is one of the best times to visit. The weather cooler than the summer months, however, there are fewer tourist crowds. In a calmer Venice, it is very exciting to enjoy festivals and events, with the occasional rain cheering you up.

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After Venice, Florence, Rome, and Milan, Bologna is one of the top tourist destinations in Italy. Emilia-Romagna capital perfectly suits the travelers who want to have a city break. There are lots of things to do and see in the city. Bologna is the perfect place to taste delicious Italian food, because the nickname of the city is La Grassa, meaning the fat. Moreover, Bologna’s highlights are completely free to enjoy.

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Naples offers a charming and stunning place to wander around enjoying its famous coffees and beautiful cobblestones, historic alleyways to walk on for hours. The city is rich in history with its lively way of life, enjoying music and atmosphere. Moreover, Naples is the birthplace of the pizza. So, eat as much as you can!

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Robert Turner is the managing director of HotelsPro, a technology and reservation solutions provider, and division of the MetGlobal group of companies.Turner joined HotelsPro in 2016, for the management of all HotelsPro operations in the European region including sales, customer support and contracting.

  • How have the first eight months of 2017 been for you?
    Overall, the year so far has gone well. Our growth rate has accelerated from 2016, as our new platforms continue to reach a more optimised steady state. Having said that, the summer season was a touch sluggish, although signs of Autumn are beginning to look very good.
  • What regions are you focusing on right now?
    We try to focus on all regions of course. APAC remains an incredibly exciting opportunity for both sourcing and distribution and there’s much work for us to do there. Also, our new offices in Cancun, Mexico, and Barcelona, Spain have generated real momentum and positive return on investment. However, we are mindful to continue focusing on our core European, Middle East and American markets.
  • Away from developing geographical markets, where do you see the industry going in the future?
    Despite the travel sector is among the largest of all industries in terms of online presence & search, the sector is huge and diverse, and therefore plenty of new opportunities remain by continuing to focus on our technology products in order to address this demand. Mobile, in particular, is developing rapidly as a booking platform, whereas for some time it remained predominantly a research platform. The industry has some challenges to overcome because fresh, relevant data is critical, but so is the handling of vast search volumes. Finding the correct solution to that dilemma is, therefore, a major focus for many companies.
  • How would you forecast the next 12 months in the global travel market?
    The global travel market has always been deeply exposed to economic and geopolitical instability, and that’s not going to change. However, right now there are good signs for the global economy. Travelers for an ever greater number of locations wish to use their leisure time exploring, so in global terms, the next 12 months look positive.
  • Travel agents managed to survive the internet evolution because they were transformed to travel consultants offering personalized services. However, new technologies are also able to offer personalized services today. What should be the next step for the travel agents?
    Yes, there is an increasing number of tech-based personalized services. But at its heart, our industry is a fundamentally human one, and there will always be room for agents offering outstanding service on a face to face or direct contact basis.
  • How much you expect big data to change a strategic decision, operation, services and at the end the customer experience?
    The amount of data now available to companies is astounding but also bewildering. The challenge is now less how can that data be obtained, although this remains an obstacle for many businesses, more what is the correct questions to ask of the data and how may that be used best to improve service and solutions. Big data will deeply benefit the businesses who successfully answer those questions, but it may also hinder those that hunt around in the data without knowing what to do with it, or who interpret it incorrectly.
  • How do you see the company changing in two years?
    Our strategy essentially involves continuing to progress our technical excellence, but also combine that with a measured regionalization. In many markets, we still have little local presence and that holds us back in terms of access to hotel product and in terms of understanding and tailoring our service according to local needs. We need to present our business to our clients on a local basis, and obtain a local product, so that along with our great tech solutions, we have an even more compelling offering for a greater number of clients.
  • What do you serve to your customers differently?
    An extraordinarily large product range sourced from the best in the business, in every part of the world. It’s nice to be able to say that with such surety.
  • What are your goals?
    I’d like to focus on creating a more unified team effort in our business. We are lucky to have a lot of exceptional talent within our company. But as a business grows, it can become fragmented and sometimes a little introverted in focus. Particularly with our regional strategy in mind, communicating superbly to create a great team spirit that’s all totally focussed towards the pursuit of serving our clients is my number 1 goal.


Coral is a searching and booking engine that aggregates and consolidates products from several hotel suppliers, allowing clients to search and book the best available hotels at the best prices by API connectivity. Coral is developed by HotelsPro’s Technical Team.

What we promise with Coral?
HotelsPro’s new generation search API Coral gives its customers the fastest and seamless access to a vast hotel inventory with reliable and detailed content. Coral helps clients to reach accurate, exact search results and recover potential missing bookings.

  • Faster and lighter than ever before
  • Cloud-based infrastructure
  • Benefit from wholesale prices
  • Minimize booking errors and price discrepancies
  • Check availability function
  • Search by single and multiple hotel codes, geolocation and destination without limit
  • Better availability by offering traffic management to providers
  • Optimization with Business Intelligence
  • Speed and ease of integration
  • Simple access to complex data
  • Removes the hassle of multiple integrations, providing access to 50+ suppliers.
  • Competitive response time
  • Minimum payload with RESTful API and JSON

Why Coral?
Limitless Search Options

  • 150 Million/Day Incoming Search from Clients
  • 250 Million/Day Outgoing Search to Providers
  • 4.5 Billion/Month Incoming Search from Clients

Fastest Results
Coral responds %90 of the searches under 1 second.

  • Average response time: 0.45 sec.
  • Average booking success: %99

Get Relieved off Extras
Instead of integrating with many suppliers, just integrate Coral and access to vast worldwide destination content and services. You can deliver a worldwide offering with a  one-time integration, saving on additional development costs. The integration is free therefore the only cost will be the writing of code.

  • One developer needs to work approximately 6 weeks per integration of each provider.
  • Each integration has its own challenges. Various room and meal types need to be integrated manually
  • One info team member can map app. 1000 hotels per day.
  • Speed up integration process with third-party aggregators
  • With Coral integration, customers will be integrated with more than 50 providers with an access to 500,000+ Hotels. HotelsPro’s technical team consults customers during the integration period, which approximately takes a week.

Access to Huge Inventory

  • 50+ accommodation partners
  • Single interface to a huge inventory
  • One settlement: less hassle, better pricing

Integrate Easily
Start development as soon as you receive access credentials from us. Coral will increase your revenue by accelerating the time to add new products to the market which will give you the competitive advantage. Faster search responses and booking confirmations. No more duplicate data entry for your bookings.

  • 100% RESTful API.
  • Using standard REST methods and gets rid of all the hassle involved in calling a SOAP
  • Implementation Period: one week


For travel professionals of the world, HotelsPro is the leading hospitality marketplace that seamlessly offers the fastest access to the most relevant, competitively priced hospitality products and solutions on a global scale.

Our user-friendly tools, which evolve based on consumer feedback, make us the leader in the global travel with a diversified portfolio of 500K+ hotels in more than 205 countries, 25K transfers, and 15K tours & activities.

We have prepared some tips for you to maximize the benefits of HotelsPro’s renewed interface. Here are the latest things you can do on HotelsPro’s advanced interface.

There are amazing destinations for winter travelers, but packing for cold weather is hard. Here are some tips to stay warm and comfortable during your trip.

Pack sweaters and heavy coats on the bottom and lighter items on top. Don’t forget your sunscreen and lip balm in order to avoid cracked skin and lips. After packing everything, fill spaces with smaller items like underwear and socks. Check the items you need to pack for a winter vacation:

  • The Basics: Layering is great for cold weather, so make sure to bring long underwear
  • The Add-Ins: Thermal leggings, and long-sleeved thermal top
  • Pack Boots, not Shoes: They keep your feet warm and dry better than sneakers or flats
  • Pack Warm, Lightweight Socks: So pack 3 or 4 pairs of lightweight, wool socks
  • Warm Accessories: Don’t forget scarves, gloves, and warm hats

Coat for Layering: Pack your waterproof coat according to the coldest destination on your trip.

HotelsPro, a technology and online reservation solutions expert for travel industry professionals and a brand of the world’s leading travel and accommodation supplier MetGlobal Group of Companies, will attend TTG Incontri between the dates of October 12-14, 2017, at the Rimini Fiera in Rimini, Italy.

TTG Incontri is the perfect opportunity to introduce the new developments in our travel technologies. Our yearly growing statistics helped us to become one of the leading companies in our industry by producing world-leading technological solutions, such as our developed API, Coral, using these products and services within the group and have our partners use them to add significant values to their business. Because when our partners grow, we expand our potential in parallel with them. In this sense, we are pleased to approach the Italian market, with a win-win strategy, we all trust Italy’s potential very much and believe Italy is essential for the company.

As HotelsPro, we will take our place under Turkey booth in this unmissable 3-day event for all professionals in the industry. We would like to invite the travel professionals to Turkey booth to take the opportunity to develop long-term business partnerships with HotelsPro, the leading marketplace that seamlessly offers the fastest access to the most relevant and competitively priced hospitality products on a global scale.

Internet started to change each aspect of our lives in the modern age. Changes can even be seen on planning a vacation. During planning trips, online searches offer valuable options for travelers. People find matching hotels and airline tickets with their needs.

An average traveler usually checks 5-6 websites to find the best option while planning a vacation. However, on frequent traveler’s side, the number can be increased. An online survey shows that people are traveling more than 6 times a year, make more search while planning their trips.

All these online searches leave thousands of data for marketing organizations all over the world to understand the buying habits of the travelers. Analysts use the data breadcrumbs to market to potential travelers at each point of planning their trips.

Tracking Travel Data
For instance, thousands of travelers visit the United States every year. They arrive in the US for many reasons; however, it can be said that many of them travel to the country for recreation. These statistics are essential for the US, and big data has been used to analyze the impact of tourism on the country.

In the four-year period of 2009 to 2013, the tourism industry in the US has risen to more than 15 million. It is crucial to understand marketing strategies behind it to keep the numbers growing. Data is essential information to keep these numbers growing and target the right travelers for marketing.

Categories to put big data on the table were:

  •   Ports of Entry
  •   Total Number of International Arrivals
  •   Top Markets
  •   Pleasure vs. Business

Tourism by Numbers
For tourism professionals, numbers are significant. In today’s world, data can be considered as the king to grow your business. By using the big data, you can focus on critical areas instead of making an effort to broadcasting your marketing across countless different groups. Via big data usage you can focus your marketing in the following areas:

Type of travelers: By knowing the exact groups traveling to your region, you can directly focus on marketing to those specific groups.

Where visitors come from: When you know where your visitors come from, you automatically understand the background and culture of them. This means that you can design unique marketing campaigns for them.

Big Data Means Big Growth
When it comes to growing your own company, do not underestimate the value of incorporating big data technology. Increase in your customer numbers will stimulate your winnings. So the use of analytics means growth in your business because big data is synonymous with prosperity when it comes to travel and tourism.

In 2017, the travel and tourism industry keeps on having a genuine effect on the lives of a vast number of individuals by driving development and encouraging improvement. For the 6th continuous year, industry development outflanks that of the worldwide economy, exhibiting the business’ flexibility even with global geopolitical uncertainty and financial unpredictability.

Tourism industry numbers for the initial nine months of 2017 clarified overall outbound travel stays on the development way in spite of fear assaults and political agitation. The quantity of overall outbound vacations developed by 3.9%, driven by Asia (+11%), incorporating 18% development in the quickly creating Chinese market, and the USA (+7%). European outbound travel developed by 2.5%, with a large development from the UK (+6%) and Germany (+4%). Overall inbound tourism expanded by 4% in the initial nine months of 2017.

December in the Northern Hemisphere is a winter wonderland! It’s the period of New year markets, pixie lights, and ice-skating arenas. Take the opportunity to design your winter escape… In any case, hot beverages, blankets, solidified lakes and a brilliant yellow sun? That is the sort of winter we would all be able to wrap our gloves around.

What’s more, winter appears to draw out the best in a few urban areas. Here are 10 around the globe that make for an extraordinary chilly climate occasion:


Winter vacations to Dubai mean clear blue skies and warm, radiant days. The cooler days from October to March are a period of celebrations and festivities. Dubai is a perfect place to escape from the grey winter sky of your hometown.
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Don’t let the icy climate prevent you from getting the most out of everything London brings to the table. There are a lot of activities in London in winter! From parks, eating, art and history – you will never get exhausted in this big capital.
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In winter Paris changes from City of Lights to City of Fairy Lights. Indeed, even the Champs-Elysées makes its mark with Christmas lights in the trees, fir trees at the Rond-Point and a Christmas market in wooden chalets. Remain warm with hot chestnuts sold on the road and plan to eat shellfish, foie gras, and bûches de Noël.
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Winter in Moscow is a Russian fairytale worked out as expected: Beautiful parks, squares, and churches canvassed in sugar powder snow and lights sparkling on your way. Try not to overestimate the temperature’s effect on your travel encounter – on the off chance that you make sure to pack a warm coat, comfortable clothing, and waterproof shoes, and you are prepared to go.
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Prague in winter is inconceivably lovely. Regardless of the possibility that you’re one of the individuals who does mind the cold climate, luckily there are as yet numerous things to appreciate. Franz Kafka adored Prague most in the wintertime, likely because the city feels more supernatural than other seasons. The lower number of winter voyagers likewise helps the enchanted look of the city.
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The number of worldwide outbound trips grew by 3.9%, led by Asia (+11%), including 18% growth in the rapidly developing Chinese market, and the USA (+7%). European outbound travel grew by 2.5%, with good growth from the UK (+6%) and Germany (+4%). Worldwide inbound tourism increased by 4% in the first nine months of 2016. As global travel continuously grows in spite of the various challenges, UNWTO predicts a 3 to 4% growth in international tourist arrival for the year 2017.  

Bleisure, which is the combination of business and leisure tourism, became the top travel trend in 2017. Female/solo travel, responsible or sustainable tourism has also become top tendencies in the world tourism industry. Since 2017 declared as the “International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development” by the United Nations, active and adventure trips, along with food tourism and mobile photography, caught popularity in 2017.

The generation Y between the ages of 20 to 35 has an enormous impact on the global travel industry. They are tech-savvy, eager to learn new things and looking for adventurous holidays. Millennials have led to the emergence of some other current trends such as the experience or adventure travel and documenting of the trips via mobile photography and social media, etc.

Tourism professionals have to stay focused on buying behaviors of the millennials since they have the power to change the dynamics of the travel trends by setting other huge trends in the international travel industry.

Although Barcelona has damp air during the summer season, it is not as hot as the other cities of Spain. In August, most of the locals leave the city for their summer holiday. If you prefer a less crowded and traffic-free stay in Barcelona, August is the perfect time for you. Barcelona is the beautiful combination of the Mediterranean cities with its relaxed tempo, bright sunshine, delicious food, and rich culture.

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What type of a traveler are you? A festival goer or a peace seeker. Regardless of whether you’re the sort to go full scale for Lollapalooza or you’d rather spend your spare time tasting cocktails on a terrace, summer in Chicago has something for everybody. Go to festivals or concerts, relax at parks or beaches, you will not get bored in Chicago.

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It is essential to know where to go, what to do in Miami to celebrate the beautiful summer season to be the part of art conventions, concerts, or festivals of food. From luxurious accommodations, distinctive dining and captivating events, savor the magic of summer in Miami. Celebrate the season of sunshine with summer activities, search for a great selection of events and plan your next stay!

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Summer in Rome rich and culturally exciting time, due to the outdoor festivals, concerts, parties, operas, and ballets. Consistently the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma, the Rome Opera House, puts on a summer season outside. This generally happens in the splendid surroundings of the Baths of Caracalla, and comprises of no less than one musical drama and an expressive dance, running from early July to early August.
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Because the climate warms up in Dubai, doesn’t mean the fun stops. Families will paint the town with the heap amusement alternatives to be found, from the sprawling shopping centers, indoor amusement parks, aquariums and inns turning up the fun in the summer.

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