Hotel 2020 – Key qualities of fruitful players in tomorrow’s world Some key bits of knowledge emerge from the exploration about the attributes, nature, and capacities of the effective worldwide hotel brand without bounds:

  1. An association equipped for surviving and flourishing in turbulence

The way of the economy and lodging market throughout the following ten years is dubious. We need to plan for a scope of possible future scenarios. This suggests improvement of pioneers, supervisors, and staff who are interested, tolerant of uncertainty, equipped for situation considering and willing to settle on choices with blemished data.

  1. An arrangement of procedures for a developing marketplace

In light of contrasting rates of development and improvement, lodging groups will progressively receive a portfolio way to deal with methodology with a scope of various objectives and methodologies being sought after in parallel inside various geographies and market levels.

An expanded use of co-branding with understood purchaser organizations is normal, alongside the development of unbranded lodging bunches giving ‘white label services to hotel owners. More prominent experimentation with plans of action is normal – with a multiplication of sale based models, low-cost airline-style pricing and a development of 24-hour rental models replacing the xed night option.

  1. Profound comprehension of an undeniably geographically, financially, generationally and attitudinally different and quickly advancing client base

There is a reasonable desire for a development in tourism from the developing markets in spite of the fact that it’s in no way, shape or forms clear how expert table that business will be. In the meantime, the aftermath of the financial crisis could see a much more extensive range of clients and differing needs from built up business sectors. Customary division models will never again get the job done as we attempt to catch the requirements and nature of tomorrow’s explorer.

  1. Conveying a customized understanding through a wide range of administration decision

Clients will progressively request decision over each part of their hotel stay – incorporating check-in and departure, service levels, the size of the room, stylistic layout, the furniture in it, the audio-visual facilities, amenities and food and beverage options.

  1. Immersive, material and multi-dimensional tech interfaces

Generation Y and those that tail them are coming into the hotel as both leisure and business travelers with an altogether different relationship to the technology they use. For them, the limits of the physical and virtual world have blurred and the scope of manners by which they’ll interact with their information will be much more visible than anything we’ve experienced to date

A big welcome from us, HotelsPro Team, to our new Managing Director!

As HotelsPro, we are glad to announce that Mustafa Korkmaz has been named as the Managing Director of our company. We are delighted to have him back as the Managing Director after a short break.

He has a long career at HotelsPro and steps up to head the company after joining several roles including sales, customer support, business development and partner services.

We strongly believe that Mustafa Korkmaz has the right operational, managerial and communication skills and leadership abilities to deliver improved execution and growth performance to HotelsPro.

We believe that our industry-leading technology and booking solutions company, combining with exceptional localized service and knowledge, is an incredible environment to be involved in. As we continue our expansion, we are excited about Mr. Korkmaz’ contributions to accelerate our global presence and continue to improve our business practices.

Having achieved significant success by participating in executive roles at HotelsPro, we are happy to have Mustafa Korkmaz back in HotelsPro family. We hope that HotelsPro, already being one of the leading travel wholesalers, will reach its targets faster with Mustafa Kormaz’ contributions. As HotelsPro family, we say welcome back aboard to Mr. Korkmaz!

In the near future, you will enter into your inn room and the thermostat will naturally change in accordance with the temperature you like. Netflix and Hulu accounts on the TV will be customized to play your most loved shows and your favorite booze will chill in the refrigerator.

A few hotel chains are currently testing a “smart room”  with a connection to a computer system and they will release it the following year. Hotels will additionally offer an application based message system that connects guests with local activities custom fitted to their interests using Bluetooth.

Actually customized automation to lodging rooms is not new. A few lodgings put tablet highlights into a “smart mirror” in select locations in 2016 and equipped all inn rooms with tablets that enable guests to customize numerous parts of their stay. Plans for customized rooms additionally offer preset TV channels and thermostats.

Numerous high tech options in lodging rooms rotate around voice command features, with inns introducing advanced aides like Amazon’s Alexa in hotel rooms. Indeed, this hyper-customized future is gradually, however, most likely coming to travel’s greatest companies, who are battling to stay relevant as they confront rivalry from alternative accommodations. More than 20 percent of inns intend to integrate smart features like lighting and drapery that suit your psychological state and, in principle, enable you to get a decent night’s sleep.

Alternative accommodation options are cutting into lodging profits. 95% occupancy at a hotel is known for compression nights. Compression nights took a hit, however, in 2016 they fell for the first time since 2009. A few inns are swinging to additional charges and expenses to recover some of the losses. The business is anticipated to see $2.7 billion in additional charges in 2018, up from $2.55 billion out of 2017 and $2.45 billion of in  2016.

A few inns are not stressed over alternative hotel since they say that they aren’t attempting to be the modest option, they are trying to be the premium option. In the future, that “premium alternative” incorporates learning client choices and catering rooms to their requirements.

All brands whether inns or other accommodation options, they all need to claim a greater amount of that client experience and become more acquainted with customers better, so they can improve client’s trip.

Big data and advances in computing power have changed the world’s greatest sectors, and travel is no exemption. Data analytics has turned into the system of choice for organizations of any size hoping to secure competitive differentiation and search out new revenue opportunities. Utilizing information to distinguish noteworthy insights is only one-way technology is disrupting the travel industry, and it is making waves over the sector.

As consumers get used to suggestions for their experiences over different sectors, their anticipation of the travel practice increase. Chatbots and artificial intelligence are only a portion of the innovations travel organizations are using: Thomas Cook a year ago started using virtual reality in its marketing to enable travelers to “try before [they] fly.” There is an ever-more noteworthy requirement for travel companies to hire experienced personalization procedures and intelligent merchandising. Travel organizations must move past getting individuals from A to B, however, consider gathering data to construct a 360° perspective of the voyager to make a custom fitted and significant experience – ideal from the minute they are inspired to travel, to the time they return home from their vacation.

At each minute of the traveler’s journey, from the time they make an air booking or look for a train timetable on the web, to their hotel check-in, their activities create data. This information, grabbed from several focuses on the travel ecosystem, presents a significant open door for travel organizations to give better-individualized services to the traveler and enhance his or her experience.Travel suppliers approach remarkable measures of information, both from travel and external data, for example, climate, geographical, social, media usage, and spend data. Effective organizations will see how to coordinate and follow up on this information to optimize their operations and client experience. Because of expanded computing power, travel organizations are in a position to open the advantages of analytics and automation superior to before.

We have entered a “period of experimentation” where travel organizations must test new thoughts and adopt an analytics empowered strategy to approach innovation. It is never again enough to proceed with the products and services that have been successful up until today: innovation requires travel companies to envision approaches to do things differently, or do new things altogether.

Experimentation regularly includes disappointment. To be genuinely innovative, companies should accept this possibility, and gain from it. Machines will likewise learn, driving a great part of the innovation we will find in the coming years. We don’t give machines rules. We feed the machine data, and we let it find the example, with the computing power encouraging the work. This is the move from rules-based figuring out how to pattern-based learning, which takes into account a considerably higher proportion of confidence in output.”

In this big data, machine-learning world, the sky is the limit. The rise of data may at first appear to be terrifying. However, it provides the raw material for real innovation. Travel brands must empower transparency and willingness to utilize the bits of knowledge from this and try different things with new thoughts and methodologies. Problematic thoughts – however, some will fail – will characterize the future travel experience.

Most travelers these days put a lot of focus on their tech gear while on the road—cell phones, Wi-Fi, iPads, etc. However, non-tech equipment is just as essential when traveling. After all, nothing your clients can plug in is going to make their packing more efficient.

Here is a checklist of items that have to come with your clients on every trip—no batteries required.

1. Neck pillow. With an inflatable neck pillow, which accompanies your clients on any flight longer than a couple of hours, they can sleep pretty well without becoming a bobblehead, and they arrive at their destination relatively refreshed.

2. Compression bag.These heavy-duty, zip-shut bags allow your clients to put their clothes inside, squeeze out the air, and reduce the size of their clothes by at least one-third.

3. Spork. For your clients who avoid airplane food, bringing a spork to each trip is very important. With this combination fork/spoon, your customers can eat the healthy food they bring with them.

4. Eye mask. Good sleep can quickly be interrupted by the glow from the TV screens or reading lights. Even if your client’s screen is turned off, his/her neighbor’s might still be on. With an eye mask, they can get some good rest.

5. Money organizer. These large wallets are particularly useful if your customer will be traveling to more than one country where the currency is different. A good organizer will have zippered pockets so your customer can separate his/her money, keeping euros and British pounds in different pockets, for example.

6. Luggage locks. These relatively cheap (and easy-to-carry) locks are invaluable for keeping your client’s items safe. Thieves look for easy targets. If your client has a luggage lock on his/her bag, thieves will move on to the next baggage that’s easier to break into.

No matter how carefully planned, each travel can go wrong. For example, if a flight is cancelled, people need instant information to complete their trip. If they cannot find someone to help at the airport, they want to access someone for 24/7. In the case of travel professionals, technology increased travel expectations, but it also offers opportunities to stand ahead of the crowd.

How to use technology to serve your customers better?

Smarter Searches Mean Better Conversion
Artificial intelligence and machine learning can be used to provide clients with more customized products to a traveler at each step of their trip. Machine Learning activities will permit travel professionals to improve ad campaigns for particular destinations, subject to how likely the viewer is to book. By contacting the correct groups of audiences, with products that upgrade the client experience, travel agencies can remain on track. Standing ahead of the others is not anymore possible by only lower costs.
Coming to an Obvious Conclusion for a Full Trip
Travel suppliers, for example, travel agencies and hotels, are progressively hoping to offer more than their main product and provide their clients with restaurants, local attractions, ground transportation and sightseeing options. However, these extras are difficult to offer as they include different methods of transport and data on lodging, ground and destinations services. This extra content can easily be personalized by using big data analytics. In any case, the extras should be accessible to all players so it can be packaged and sold to the client.

Better Approaches to Communication
Clear, reliable and effectively accessible communication channels are critical for today’s traveler. New types of messaging tools can improve communication with travelers all through their vacation.

Chatbots can make custom-made suggestions, like close-by restaurants or most preferred shops, to help enhance the travel experience progressively. New technologies may have elevated traveler needs. But, they’ve likewise given an abundance of new opportunities for the travel business to give better travel experiences than before.

A B2B travel software is a great tool for travel agencies hoping to streamline their trade sales processes, yet what are the real advantages?

Simplified search and book experience
A good B2B travel software improves the search process and has most properties and inventories accurately mapped in the system. Searching, booking, and paying take just a couple of seconds and up to date data on hotels is constantly accessible to the travel agencies. Adding agents, sub-agents, adding custom markup, and reaching out to a wide audience becomes very easy.

Managing agents in the back office
Adding agents (regardless of whether credit or cash agents), adding sub-agents, searching agents by ID, code, branch, name, and so on and activating/de-activating agents should be simple

Managing bookings
From searching existing bookings to review complete bookings in a row to viewing agent and supplier paid status to modify bookings. From review booking history to status history everything that a travel business needs to check business’ progress.

In-depth analytics
In-depth analytics is an unquestionable requirement for any travel business to check business performance. It is a must for all travel organizations to know their best selling cities, destinations and hotels, their management reports, their operations reports, client statements, commissions, outstanding and paid invoices, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Managing and mapping destinations
Travel organizations must be given complete control over managing countries, cities, hotels, inventories/rooms and geotags. These countries and destinations must be appropriately mapped automatically.

Complete control over user management
Managing users, profiles, and rights ought to be simple. Managing payment gateways, preferred cities, nationalities, currencies and special requests are easy as well.

Standardized API integration
Coordinating data from various providers would require different APIs for every provider. A standardized API integration module allows travel operators to incorporate every one of the providers they wish in one place. It additionally guarantees security during technological changes and migrations. Consolidated API integrations also ensure seamless integration with different providers.

The energy of your whole framework readily available
A good B2B travel programming ought to have the capacity to deal with to a great degree complex operations and in the meantime offer the power of your whole travel business. Integrating the booking engine into your site ought to be simple and the system ought to be compatible with all web stages.

HotelsPro offers expert insight into local markets, providing its customers with travel solutions relevant to their business. HotelsPro connects its customers to a wide network of suppliers and partners and delivers support with a local presence.

As an expert in online reservation systems, HotelsPro works to make its clients’ lives easier, simpler and more efficient with its technology. HotelsPro offers the most user-friendly system with tailor-made solutions.

Managed Travel was never about the booking. It is, about the service and is set to end up noticeably significantly more about the traveler: the voyager is forming the future of Managed Travel. This emphasis on the corporate citizen will bring about a move from a business-to-business, channel-driven way to deal with a client-driven offering significantly empowered by technology. It is hard for a TMC to service to the expectation of more value for lower cost, more independence yet more conformity while still guaranteeing the duty of care responsibility.

Industry players have moved from Managed Travel 1.0 slowly, a single, corporate-driven approach and offline model, to Managed Travel 2.0, where self-booking technology, confirmation flows and consulting have kept the scales in adjust. Presently, as the leisure and business travel impact, frequently transformed into bleisure, another, more unpredictable scene is rising – Managed Travel 3.0, and this will require an alternate client-provider engagement.

The future of Managed Travel is about the traveler and making the experience problem free for them via mobile and desktop. It is certain that the rules of Managed Travel have changed: the playing field is so altered that the traditional players have to learn from the retailers and technology changes expectations and offering. In Managed Travel 3.0, the corporate citizen will be the controller of the travel destiny, using mobile, and customization to interact and make what they need during trip known.

Its key driver technology will empower managed Travel 3.0. In this new world, there will be higher client engagement and bigger expectations. The utilization of mobile devices, the application of data to help customized communications, online payment, together with new methods for getting or using content, all spell out that we are on the way to change. Key choices about interest in technology are being made. More or less, where innovation will be the affecting element in travel management, it will be the travelers who will characterize their needs and how those are met.

Since we are in winter, we’re looking forward to what warm destinations, which will give your clients the correct kind of escape this season. Regardless of whether your customers are after a lazy beach escape, a zen haven, an ideal experience, a lively city or gourmet restaurants, as HotelsPro we have got you covered. Here are our best picks for where to look for the sun this winter.

Riviera MayaThe Riviera Maya, a ravishing coastline of white sand shorelines, turquoise Caribbean seas, refreshing eco-adventures and Mayan ruins, starts south of Cancun and ends at the chic beach enclave Tulum. It’s likewise one of the quickest developing resort zones in Mexico.

Puerto Plata

On top of the fantastic shorelines of the Dominican Republic’s north coast or the activities along the vivid Malecón boardwalk, there’s also the glorious colonial architecture of the historic district or the amazing perspectives on Mount Isabel de Torres in the morning.

Boca ChicaBecause of its closeness to the city of Santo Domingo, Boca Chica is known as the capital’s beach. Well protected by an expansive coral reef, its shallow waters make it the most loved spot for families on vacation. Watch the sailing and beach volleyball competitions. The zone is famous for its restaurants that serve fish and shellfish with a view.

CoronadoPanama’s Pacific coast has been perceived as outstanding amongst other places in the world for Panamanians and foreigners alike. Individuals and families are visiting this destination to see the Pacific beaches! Regardless of whether it is a weekend or a long-term stay, the coast prides an extensive variety of activities and accommodations to fit the scope of interests and budgets.

Check the best price offers out for the select hotels in Riviera Maya, Puerto Plata, Boca Chica, and Coronado

As HotelsPro we have been helping our customers for 20 years all over the world to add value to their business and to improve the travel experience of billions of travelers every year.

We’ve been working to make travel industry go beyond the limits for 20 years. Our solutions range from searching to booking, from mapping to inventory management and distribution, and more… We are assertive about our technologies because we believe in our team and their limitless creativity.

Today we are more than 550 professionals from 20+ different nationalities. And we’re committed to adding value to your business. Because when you grow, we grow to make the future of travel even better.

Today, the most respected brands along with the successful professionals in the industry choose to use HotelsPro technologies to be one step ahead.

How can we do that?

IT Infrastructure
As a passionate, collaborative solutions partner, we at HotelsPro strive to understand your needs and provide you with efficient solutions and services tailored to your own business.

Team of HotelsPro
We are a team of 300 colleagues, each of whom works proactively to help our customers to expand their businesses since 2003.

What do we do?

Work In Harmony
As HotelsPro, we work in harmony with our diversified teams, each of which is consisting of experts, to meet the needs of our clients.

Create Simplicity
In a world of complexity, it is essential to building simple solutions. Our easy-to-use technologies are developed to create the simplicity for our customers, to change their professional life into a flawless one.

Add Value
We are working to provide value to the businesses our clients.

Create Tailor-made Solutions
As HotelsPro, we create tailor-made solutions for our clients, to make travel professionals work with ease.

Providing Clients with Competitive Prices
HotelsPro is the leading hospitality marketplace that seamlessly offers the fastest access to the most relevant, competitively priced hospitality products and solutions on a global scale for travel professionals.

Helping Clients to Form their Success Stories
Our technologies help our customers to create their own success stories.

Far-reaching Portfolio
HotelsPro’s strategy to offer system solutions specifies an active and far-reaching portfolio of more than 500,000 hotels.

We take our clients’ burden away to make their professional life smoother.

Customer Support and Services
With the organized, focused, solution-oriented, collaborative and proactive team of HotelsPro, you will receive 24/7 multilingual and professional customer support and services.

In other words, the way we’ve always done it – by being always connected with our partners, developing new technologies and always finding the correct solutions to “unlock” the doors of world travel market to be beneficial for your business. For 20 years to come.