A B2B travel software is a great tool for travel agencies hoping to streamline their trade sales processes, yet what are the real advantages?

Simplified search and book experience
A good B2B travel software improves the search process and has most properties and inventories accurately mapped in the system. Searching, booking, and paying take just a couple of seconds and up to date data on hotels is constantly accessible to the travel agencies. Adding agents, sub-agents, adding custom markup, and reaching out to a wide audience becomes very easy.

Managing agents in the back office
Adding agents (regardless of whether credit or cash agents), adding sub-agents, searching agents by ID, code, branch, name, and so on and activating/de-activating agents should be simple

Managing bookings
From searching existing bookings to review complete bookings in a row to viewing agent and supplier paid status to modify bookings. From review booking history to status history everything that a travel business needs to check business’ progress.

In-depth analytics
In-depth analytics is an unquestionable requirement for any travel business to check business performance. It is a must for all travel organizations to know their best selling cities, destinations and hotels, their management reports, their operations reports, client statements, commissions, outstanding and paid invoices, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Managing and mapping destinations
Travel organizations must be given complete control over managing countries, cities, hotels, inventories/rooms and geotags. These countries and destinations must be appropriately mapped automatically.

Complete control over user management
Managing users, profiles, and rights ought to be simple. Managing payment gateways, preferred cities, nationalities, currencies and special requests are easy as well.

Standardized API integration
Coordinating data from various providers would require different APIs for every provider. A standardized API integration module allows travel operators to incorporate every one of the providers they wish in one place. It additionally guarantees security during technological changes and migrations. Consolidated API integrations also ensure seamless integration with different providers.

The energy of your whole framework readily available
A good B2B travel programming ought to have the capacity to deal with to a great degree complex operations and in the meantime offer the power of your whole travel business. Integrating the booking engine into your site ought to be simple and the system ought to be compatible with all web stages.

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