First of all, if you want to explore the world’s living history by traveling to Cairo, discover this fascinating city with a local. The disreputable sights are simply breathtaking. If you wish to learn the answers of many ‘did you know’ regarding Cairo, seeing it with a local is a must. Don’t let your Cairo travel experience scan like something out of a tourist guidebook. Above all, travel with a local to see behind the scenes in this unbelievable city.cairo-city-thousand-minarets-2

Second Largest Metropolitan in Africa

Romantically called the city of Thousand Minarets, the capital of Egypt could be a place of extremes stuffed with ancient landmarks, snarling traffic, ornate mosques, and flaring modern skyscrapers. Seems like, Cairo’s greater metropolitan space is that the second-largest in Africa. It provides a home for quite twenty million individuals. Probably an ocean of humanity that contributes to the city’s chaos whereas conjointly providing its heartbeat.cairo-city-thousand-minarets-3

The City of Conflicts

Finally, filled with conflicting sights, sounds, and smells, several guests find Cairo’s frantic energy overwhelming; except for those with a sense of humor and a specific amount of patience. It harbors a treasure mine of experiences that can’t be replicated anyplace else.

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