At the turn of the century, the digital transformation started to offer alternative options to travelers globally as in all fields of daily life. Accordingly, passengers began to book their flights, accommodation, and even restaurants tables in the visiting country online.They also check all the reviews before booking the details of their trip, compare and check opinions of other travelers, and then they reserve tickets, hotels, and even tickets for shows and museums. After the journey, people add their comments to make future travelers benefit from them. All bookings and reviews after the trip are done on a mobile device by more than 50% travelers.

Other Reasons for Global Tourism Growth

Along with the digital transformation, there are also other reasons for global tourism growth. The rise of international mobility and accessibility, cheaper travel options due to high demand and increase in the number of people, who want to discover the world by their own.

In the case of tourism professionals, the industry cannot remain insensitive to this change as both travelers and hotel guests are increasingly using the Internet for their benefits – both journey and accommodation options.

Online Technologies for Tourism Professionals

Online technologies provide all tourism professionals with the opportunities such as publication, direct booking, selling, gathering customer reviews along with the other things. Establishments, which are using advanced technologies create their websites and content. These sites are usually giving customers to make online reservations and payment.

Technology not only contributes to publicity, but also it is possible to manage the increasing number of different online selling channels from a single screen. Efficient usage of technology makes it possible for establishments to raise their profitability ratio in a competitive environment.