There are amazing destinations for winter travelers, but packing for cold weather is hard. Here are some tips to stay warm and comfortable during your trip.

Pack sweaters and heavy coats on the bottom and lighter items on top. Don’t forget your sunscreen and lip balm in order to avoid cracked skin and lips. After packing everything, fill spaces with smaller items like underwear and socks. Check the items you need to pack for a winter vacation:

  • The Basics: Layering is great for cold weather, so make sure to bring long underwear
  • The Add-Ins: Thermal leggings, and long-sleeved thermal top
  • Pack Boots, not Shoes: They keep your feet warm and dry better than sneakers or flats
  • Pack Warm, Lightweight Socks: So pack 3 or 4 pairs of lightweight, wool socks
  • Warm Accessories: Don’t forget scarves, gloves, and warm hats

Coat for Layering: Pack your waterproof coat according to the coldest destination on your trip.