As one of Customer Support Specialists of HotelsPro, Yosdani has a big responsibility of taking care of HotelsPro customers and ensure their customer experience is as good as possible. He is communicating with them via phone, email, and ticketing tools. As HotelsPro working environment is very dynamic, he is prepared to adapt to new knowledge and new ways of working.

Yosdani is in direct contact with HotelsPro customers, he is a good communicator, both in English and Spanish. He has the right service attitude; he is customer focused and always ready to learn new things

Main Strengths:

✔ Resolving the issues which the customers have reported
✔ Informing customers regarding the procedures and processes of the company
✔ Responding requests from merchants
✔ Resolving and following complaints
✔ Providing customer satisfaction

Now, let’s give the mic to Yosdani, and listen to his story from her.

  • What area of HotelsPro do you work in?  

Operations department.

  • What do you enjoy most about working at HotelsPro?

Meeting new colleagues, who are all good friends to me.

  • What do you enjoy most about being in Turkey?

Being with the people that I love.

  • What are differences between Turkey and Cuba regarding social life?

That is a huge question to be answered, just like black and white.

  • We know that your son was born recently. What would you like to say about being a father?

That is the best thing ever happened to me.

  • What is your most memorable travel experience?

Going back to Cuba after a year living here.

  • Would you like to add anything?

That I’m happy to meet you all guys and I wish you could go one day to Cuba and talk about that experience.

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