Coral is a searching and booking engine that aggregates and consolidates products from several hotel suppliers, allowing clients to search and book the best available hotels at the best prices by API connectivity. Coral is developed by HotelsPro’s Technical Team.

What we promise with Coral?

HotelsPro’s new generation search API Coral gives its customers the fastest and seamless access to a vast hotel inventory with reliable and detailed content. Coral helps clients to reach accurate, exact search results and recover potential missing bookings.

  • Faster and lighter than ever before
  • Cloud-based infrastructure
  • Benefit from wholesale prices
  • Minimize booking errors and price discrepancies
  • Check availability function
  • Search by single and multiple hotel codes, geolocation and destination without limit
  • Better availability by offering traffic management to providers
  • Optimization with Business Intelligence
  • Speed and ease of integration
  • Simple access to complex data
  • Removes the hassle of multiple integrations, providing access to 50+ suppliers.
  • Competitive response time
  • Minimum payload with RESTful API and JSON
Why Coral?
Limitless Search Options
  • 150 Million/Day Incoming Search from Clients
  • 250 Million/Day Outgoing Search to Providers
  • 4.5 Billion/Month Incoming Search from Clients
Fastest Results

Coral responds %90 of the searches under 1 second.

  • Average response time: 0.45 sec.
  • Average booking success: %99
Relieve of the Extras

Instead of integrating with many suppliers, just integrate Coral and access to vast worldwide destination content and services. Thus, you can deliver a worldwide offering with a  one-time integration, saving on additional development costs. In addition, the integration is free therefore the only cost will be the writing of code.

  • One developer needs to work approximately 6 weeks per integration of each provider.
  • Each integration has its own challenges. Various room and meal types need to be integrated manually
  • One info team member can map app. 1000 hotels per day.
  • Speed up integration process with third-party aggregators
  • With Coral integration, customers will be integrated with more than 50 providers with an access to 500,000+ Hotels. HotelsPro’s technical team consults customers during the integration period, which approximately takes a week.
Access to Huge Inventory
  • 50+ accommodation partners
  • Single interface to a huge inventory
  • One settlement: less hassle, better pricing
Integrate Easily

Start development as soon as you receive access credentials from us. Coral will increase your revenue by accelerating the time to add new products to the market which will give you the competitive advantage. Faster search responses and booking confirmations. No more duplicate data entry for your bookings.

  • 100% RESTful API.
  • Using standard REST methods and gets rid of all the hassle involved in calling a SOAP
  • Implementation Period: one week



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