Gorgeous beaches, fascinating history and some of the liveliest folks you’ll ever meet await at this island, the biggest within the Caribbean. From the brilliant turquoise waters of Holguin to the festal streets of Santiago de Cuba throughout carnival season, there are lots to find when you travel to Cuba. It’s simple to be stunned by the big range of choices you’ve got after you visit Cuba, starting from water sports to following the footsteps of once Havana resident Ernest Hemingway.cuba-country-beyond-description-2Retro cars littering the town streets, history filled with revolutions and nice stories, and rum and cigars famous around the world — that’s Cuba. The island’s lack of American influence over the years means travelers wanting to travel for the initial time in Cuba ought to pay close attention to a number of the island’s quirks and prepare for travel with Cuba travel tips. In some ways, stepping off the plane in Cuba is like moving into a page of a history book; an old-school destination.cuba-country-beyond-description-3Cuba is famous for its culture, history, art, and gorgeous beaches, however, each of the selected “tourist hotspots” and areas known for all-inclusive resorts offer something actually one of a kind to the traveler. If it’s your first time in Cuba, it would be overwhelming to make a decision wherever to stay in Cuba.

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