After the digital revolution, every corporation had to adapt itself accordingly. And the process is still ongoing, no doubt. Progress in digital variation in the industry, of course, can not be considered independent. Since one of the main features of consumers is dependent on curiosity and exploration, online travel technologies are very appealing for the target audience.      

The travel industry is a broad business field. It is a growing one as well. Hence nonstop growing consumer numbers require substantial data processing. Online booking portals are embedding vast data day by day. Because the online world is now all around us. Consumers are an essential part of the omnichannel marketing mindset.   

 Fortunately, data science is shifting the paradigm. Data is a very important asset in the travel assisting industries like airlines, hospitality and online booking websites in terms of marketing plans and so forth. 

According to Travel Carma; “One area one data science has proved extremely valuable is sentiment analysis” 

Wikipedia describes “Sentiment Analysis” as “opinion mining” and “emotional AI” that “refers to natural language processing, text analysis.” The main usage of this tool is to “understand the voice of the customer.”

Business is for Business

By all means, every business focuses on growth and customer loyalty. Travel companies are also trying to increase their business accordingly. In this case sentiment analysis by data mining could be very handy for such businesses. Companies like online booking agencies should track consumers’ behaviors like mentions, clicks journey and so forth. So that one can have a better analysis of the brand in terms of customer’s decisions. 

The online world now is all about personalized content and its paid marketing equivalence unsurprisingly. Recommendation engine and its algorithm work how the customer interacts before and after bookings, sales, etc. This builds on every possible combination of customers’ data which yields to the maximum conversions. Online booking websites and travel agencies can benefit from such mining by adapting their business strategy via online travel techs. 

For example, an application programming interface Coral which developed Metglobal consolidates and aggregates products from several hotel providers together.  Features like improved response time and static data API enables users to have better booking experience by API data connectivity. Therefore these applications have a milestone potential to change how customers interact with travel brands. 

Long story short, data-driven technology helps both consumers and brands to experience the best possible journey of their resources.  Time to think data-driven.    

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