A positive pattern is that numerous organizations perceive the value of diversity and are making endeavors to expand it. There is likewise a developing assortment of research that supports the advantages of diversity in the working environment, and there is a solid business case that it brings better results. In any case, organizations ordinarily characterize diversity as the consideration of individuals from various ethnic gatherings, genders, ages, or backgrounds. In any case, it is likewise obvious that there are different sorts of diversity that are also important.

Harvard Business Review as of late distributed a study that tested groups that are cognitively diverse performed better. They performed tests using traditional measures of diversity, yet they likewise measured how contrastingly individuals thought.

Cognitive diversity refers to how individuals vary in their point of view and in the way they want to process data. Individuals may have certain subjective styles on account of the way their brains are wired, their education or their experiences. The researchers say that there’s no connection between the way that individuals think and their gender, ethnicity, or background. Indeed, they found a stronger link between individuals in similar particular professions than with siblings in the same family.

Strikingly, this research emphasizing the significance of cognitive diversity in teams supplements our research about the positive effect of a diversity in group skills. In both cases, the diversity that is vital isn’t so much the diversity that is commonly measured, but instead a diversity of experience, point of view, and abilities.

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