Taipei is Taiwan’s largest city as well as its economic, political, and cultural center. It is a modern cosmopolitan metropolis with a lively and diversified population. Taipei is one of the youngest cities in Asia. As a rapidly developing city, mountains are surrounding Taipei with flushing hot springs.

Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, is home to 7 million residents. Taipei is a 24/7 living city, with its advanced transportation system. From the world’s tallest building (2004-2010) to the most significant collection of Chinese art, Taipei invites you to the mixture of the modern and traditional, with its friendly smiles to make your visit the most memorable trip to Asia. 

An Exciting Metropolis

Taiwan’s largest city is an exciting metropolis where shopping and eating are highlighted on the agenda for both locals and visitors. Although the streets are vigorous, the city has parks and temples to breathe a sigh of relief. The town is rich in trendy cafes, restaurants, and hotels and many say Taipei is one of the most friendly cities in Asia. For every square kilometer, it has more than five 24/7 convenience stores that offer over 2,000 types of goods and services.

The Foodie Destination

Taiwan is known as one of the best foodie destinations in the world. There is a growing number of Michelin-starred restaurants in Taipei. Be prepared to queue to get in the good restaurants in the city, and try the xiao long bao soup dumplings.

Street food is also a delicious option in Taipei. China and Japan influence Taiwan’s cuisine. However, there are also some local classics such as “Small Sausage in Large Sausage.” Deep-fried chicken cutlets, cuttlefish skewers, flame-grilled beef cubes, beef noodle soup and flaky scallion pancake, are the other favorite street food in Taipei.

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