At the time of Christmas and New Year, people usually travel to be with their families and friends. Before the holidays, planning the whole journey is very important. Holidays are precious moments for all family members and friends, and also for being away from the office. It is essential to spend a good time during holidays without any hassle.

Booking your clients’ hotel is a simple process when you use the HotelsPro search tools. The one thing that you can’t do for your clients is to help them pack their bags, but you can offer some helpful advice that will have them packing like a pro.

Check the Rules Before You Advise Packing Their Bags

Whether your customers are flying home for Christmas or hitting the beach for the New Year’s, airlines have strict rules to avoid their customers from carrying overloaded baggage. Tell your customers to start out by checking what their airline allows for carrying on luggage and checked baggage.

Remind your customers that the holidays are some of the busiest times of the year for air travel so their flight will more than likely be full. While airlines do their best to accept the passenger luggage, sometimes they just can’t when it’s beyond the wight.  It is better for your customers to stick to the rules and know exactly how much space they can use.

How to Pack a Good Hand Luggage?

The vast majority of the time your clients’  baggage will be waiting for collection when they arrive at their destination airport. If, however, their luggage is delayed then a smart traveler has some essentials in their hand luggage that will get them through. You may advise them to keep essentials like travel documents, credit cards, and valuable items with them on the plane.

Packing List for the Holidays

Your clients are probably going to need more than their passport and toothbrush on their trip. Beyond that, remind them to think about what they will need while they are away beyond the clothes. Balancing the presents and the other things in the baggage is a good tip for a Christmas holiday. There are some options available to ship purchases to a specified address.

Sharing the Load with Travel Partners

Everyone does not need the same things when getting prepared for a trip for the holidays. It makes sense to make sure that your customers use the maximum baggage allowance by sharing the load across the available bags of the travel partners.

How to Pack Clothes?

The most delicate part of packing luggage is to take the time to roll clothes or fold them to make the best use of the space. Investing in some packing cubes which are an easy way to create lots more space, if room for gifts needed.

Protect Your Gadgets and Your Clothes

Ziplock bags or bags specially designed to transport toiletries and are the must-have items when it comes to packing like a pro. This will avoid any spillages onto when carrying liquids or medicines. It’s also essential to ensure that electrical items are cushioned in the center of the clothes to prevent any possible damage.

Don’t Take It All

It is the advice of seasonal travelers to make a list before packing. This will avoid packing more than needed. It makes sense to carry a much lighter baggage during the journey. Your customer may be traveling for a weekend or more. The same travel tips may be applied no matter what the vacation type is.

Get a taste of success! After booking on HotelsPro for your customers, give them some tips to grow your relations with them.

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