As we develop, the workplace around us changes quickly every day. How would we guarantee that we don’t lose the values we were based on when scaling at such speed? Here are a couple of the manners in which we remain adaptable and innovative…

Continuously Trying to Improve

We realize that failing fast accelerates improvement. On their first day at HotelsPro, individuals are informed that it’s alright to fail. In fact, failure is praised. As long as you fail fast, you will learn fast, you will catch on quickly, and succeed sooner. We believe development is based on experimentation, in other words on trial and error.

Promoting Empowerment

Speaking transparently about our failures is one way we diminish the hierarchy in the organization. We additionally urge individuals to abandon their ego at the door. We like to distinguish ourselves with what we do, instead of what it says on our business cards. The best idea should win, paying little heed to whether it originates from an intern or a team lead. This state of mind reduces internal politics and keeps us more modest and respectful towards each other.

Breaking Down Boundaries

All HotelsPro talents see eye to eye. We’re particularly a people-centered organization. We realize that even the best ideas won’t work if our people don’t like coming to the office. We in this manner put a considerable measure on breaking down walls, regardless of whether that is between leads, teams or departments. We work in cross-functional teams, in various mixed project groups, and urge our people to move positions in the company, to keep them motivated and curious. We take each measure to empower direct conversation. Sometimes a short visit at somebody’s desk will avoid from the issue of calling each other, aligning calendars and scheduling a meeting in a month’s time. That is the reason we all sit together in a big open space. This creates a transparency that builds trust.


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