Metglobal is a world-leading technology powerhouse. It aims to provide individuals and businesses with simplified experiences that improve productivity through multiple online effectiveness tools. At Metglobal, we believe in overachieving and innovation, thus use the most intelligent tools there are in all that we do. We work with all the leading channel managers, and our hotelier extranet (Compass) currently supports 35 channel managers.

🔺 EZYield 🔺 RateTiger 🔺 Siteminder 🔺 RateGain 🔺 Parity Rate 🔺 RoomShop 🔺 Gestion 🔺 Booking expert
🔺 Yield Planet 🔺 BBliverate 🔺 AvailPro 🔺 Vertical Booking 🔺 Premal-RES 🔺 Phobs 🔺 Hotel Link Solution
🔺 Ezee Technosys 🔺 Reseliva
🔺 Xmitter 🔺 Booklogic – Staah 🔺 RezExchange 🔺 Revparguru 🔺 FastBooking
🔺  Hotelrunner 🔺 HoteliersGuru 🔺 Arpies🔺 Silverbyte 🔺 Hoteladvisor 🔺 Xyzt – EGDS 🔺 Hotellinkage

If your hotel is connected to any channel manager mentioned above, our team will be more than happy to assist you in setting connectivity. Please contact us at or contact your Market manager.

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