The Key To Global Travel

For the travel professionals of the world, HotelsPro is the leading marketplace that seamlessly offers the fastest access to the most relevant, competitively priced hospitality products and solutions on a global scale.

HotelsPro offers expert insight into local markets, providing you with travel solutions relevant to your business. HotelsPro connects you to an extensive network of suppliers and partners and delivers support with a local presence. As an expert in online reservation systems, HotelsPro works to make its clients’ lives easier, simpler and more efficient with our technology. HotelsPro offers the most user-friendly system with tailor-made solutions.

Why Work with Us
  • Extensive inventory with competitive rates
  • Last minute inventory
  • Simple access to complex hotel data
  • Multiple payment alternatives
  • Intuitive user experience
  • In-depth insight into local markets
  • 34,000+ travel partners
  • 800+ OTA’s
  • More than 40 representative offices around the world
  • Innovative platforms
  • Global relevance
  • Proactive and professional global customer support and services
  • Hotel Portfolio
  • Extra Services
  • Travel Technologies

Dedicated to growing the global inventory and increasing the understanding of local markets, HotelsPro delivers more relevant local content and products. HotelsPro offers the most diversified portfolio with more than 500,000+ hotels from budget to luxury in 205+ countries covering 15,000+ destinations, 25,000+ transfers, 15,000+ tours & activities and car rental.

Coral: Searching and Booking Engine of HotelsPro

Coral is searching and booking engine of HotelsPro that aggregates and consolidates products from several hotel suppliers, allowing clients to search and book the best available hotels with the best prices by API connectivity.

Cosmos: Integrated Mapping System of HotelsPro

Cosmos is a universe of data that includes hotels, destinations and media content in a multi-language format, efficiently presenting this data with an integrated hotel mapping system.


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