Nazlı has been working at HotelsPro for more than 3,5 years now. As an experienced Pricing Supervisor, she is skilled in analyzing currency risk, revenue assurances, revenue analysis, and analyzing client buying behavior. Nazlı is a strong professional with a Master and Ph.D. focused in Political Science.
Main Strengths:

✔ Analysing currency risk to protect profit
✔ Revenue Assurances
✔ Assist with the development of based pricing standards
✔ Analysing client buying behavior for rising profit
✔ Monitoring and maintain expected profitability
✔ Coordinating with IT department for improvements

Now, let’s give the mic to Nazlı, and listen to her story from her.

  • What area of HotelsPro do you work in?

I work as a Pricing Supervisor at HotelsPro.

  • Tell us about your duties at HotelsPro.

As the pricing team, our main duty is to provide our customers with the most suitable prices. We approach each client as a different case and trying to make smart pricing. We also pay attention to the rates; this is one of the most important points of our job. Apart from these, we are always in contact with the Sales and IT teams.

  • What do you enjoy most about working at HotelsPro?

HotelsPro is just like a school, with all its challenges. I learn something new every single day at HotelsPro. Additionally, being with young and dynamic people all the time makes our working environment very entertaining.

  • What is your most memorable travel experience?

I love scuba diving. While I make vacation plans, I usually choose places where I can dive. During one of my vacations, I found out that I can not dive more than 22 meters. It was a panicky moment for me. I don’t like diving tubes on my back while diving. As a result, I gave a decision to take professional breathing exercises. After I complete my exercises, I hope I will dive without tubes.

  • Would you like to add anything?

Yes, as you know, I  have a Master and a Ph.D. degree in Political Sciences. My area of specialization is Gender Politics since I have always been interested in gender issues. Accordingly, I am a member of Mor Dayanışma. If anyone is interested in being a member of Mor Dayanışma, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

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