Utku, as a product manager, is responsible for Coral API. With an accompanying product life cycle, he increases the chances of digital business success. API Product Manager role is an important part of our company, moving beyond project thinking for API with a managed roadmap and a high-quality user experience.

Main Strengths
✔Optimize developer experience
✔Manage the API roadmap
✔Prepare for API monetization
✔Articulate the business value of API

What area of HotelsPro do you work in?
I have been working as a product manager. In recent days my main responsibility became Coral which is our booking engine and the backbone of Hotelspro. So I am working closely with IT.

What do you enjoy most about working at HotelsPro?
To be honest I am a startup guy. The best part of Hotelspro for me is that it consists of small and independent start-up teams. It means, no matter what position you work in, you can learn a lot new and shiny things here. It is a proud thing to know that you are a part of something big. It is fun to talk to people from many countries while just walking in the office.

Tell us about a project you are most proud of and why?
I have been working as a product manager at the Hotelspro for 4 years. In these 4 years, I was responsible for a lot of products. But one of them was a unique experience for me. It was my first product that we have created from scratch with an awesome team. We called it Metflow.
While there are a lot of things that I enjoy as a PM in Metflow, I specifically find pleasure in bringing order to chaos. Eliminating the noise and prioritizing things (features, tasks, issues, etc.), constantly comparing user needs against the company’s mission and product roadmap. In the end, I had to use all my product management skills. That’s why Metflow will always be the unique one for me.

What is your most memorable travel experience?
Once upon a time, I roamed all Philadelphia with a kind of open-top bus. I was taking pictures of everything I saw while one of the tour guides introduced us to the city. At that time, I felt like a real tourist. I would like to do it again before I die.

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