Mine is primarily responsible for creating, implementing, and evaluating our colleagues’ training. Mine also has different titles such as Quality & CEM Specialist. But, we will focus on her training specialist title in interview.

Mine is responsible for;

✔Creating and implementing our colleagues’ training

✔Designing training programs

✔Improving individual performance

✔Analyzing training needs.

✔Analyzing CSS agents’ communication standards

You can usually see her in Bosphorus meeting room with her beautiful curly hair and energetic style of education, telling something to her trainees.

Now, let’s give the floor to Mine, and listen to her story from her.

1) What are some of the core duties, functions, and responsibilities of your role?
CSS agents are in direct communication with customers 24/7. Being responsible for their communication with customers and the quality of their workflow is the most crucial part of my job. To analyze their training needs and design training sessions is my other responsibilities in this role.

2) What is most exciting about your role?
To be a reliable person for the agents and to be the first person who has the real communication to the newcomers in the company, is the most exciting aspect to me.

3) What part of this job do you personally find most challenging?
The most challenging part of my job is to train people who are different than each other in terms of personality and culture.

4) What type of skills are needed to be successful in this role?
The skills such as empathy, patience, high communication skills and passion to train people, are needed to be successful in this role. The trainer should be an empathic person to agents and clients to see both sides of the coin.

5) What do you find to be the most rewarding part of your job?
The most rewarding part of my job is to get “thanks” and to see their success, passion in their role.

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