Most travelers these days put a lot of focus on their tech gear while on the road—cell phones, Wi-Fi, iPads, etc. However, non-tech equipment is just as essential when traveling. After all, nothing your clients can plug in is going to make their packing more efficient.

Here is a checklist of items that have to come with your clients on every trip—no batteries required.

1. Neck pillow. With an inflatable neck pillow, which accompanies your clients on any flight longer than a couple of hours, they can sleep pretty well without becoming a bobblehead, and they arrive at their destination relatively refreshed.

2. Compression bag.These heavy-duty, zip-shut bags allow your clients to put their clothes inside, squeeze out the air, and reduce the size of their clothes by at least one-third.

3. Spork. For your clients who avoid airplane food, bringing a spork to each trip is very important. With this combination fork/spoon, your customers can eat the healthy food they bring with them.

4. Eye mask. Good sleep can quickly be interrupted by the glow from the TV screens or reading lights. Even if your client’s screen is turned off, his/her neighbor’s might still be on. With an eye mask, they can get some good rest.

5. Money organizer. These large wallets are particularly useful if your customer will be traveling to more than one country where the currency is different. A good organizer will have zippered pockets so your customer can separate his/her money, keeping euros and British pounds in different pockets, for example.

6. Luggage locks. These relatively cheap (and easy-to-carry) locks are invaluable for keeping your client’s items safe. Thieves look for easy targets. If your client has a luggage lock on his/her bag, thieves will move on to the next baggage that’s easier to break into.

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