The world’s lowest-lying nation rises barely four-feet higher than water level (at its highest purpose, a mere eight-feet), and fans over the Indian Ocean in wide, flat circles of blindingly white sand. The Maldives are snuggled halfway between Indonesia and Africa and attract travelers seriously committed to communing with the sparkling turquoise tides.

Made up of twenty-six atolls spanning 1,190 completely different islands the Maldives are like one large puzzle of sandbars and lagoons. A big variety of marine species have created their homes within the reefs and, as a result, the Maldives are significantly popular among divers.

The Maldives is the place individuals visit to try island life at its most relaxed — and most lovely state. Whether or not you’re crisscrossing coral reefs in a glass-bottomed boat, or dozing off in your personal overwater bungalow, the opportunities of returning home upset are slim to none.

December through April is that the season, and therefore the most well-liked time to go to the Maldives. this will create hotels slightly costlier, however, it’s conjointly after you will fancy a bonded streak of attractive, storm-free days.

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