Metin Altun’s, Founder and CEO of Metglobal Group, the interview has been published on Hurriyet Turkish Daily Newspaper. As one of the top technology powerhouses that aim to provide individuals and businesses with simplified experiences, Metglobal improves the productivity of its partners through multiple online effectiveness tools. Metin Altun shared company’s vision and his predictions regarding the online travel technologies.

“By supplying the hotels around the world, we provide our customers with the best price and availability. We provide all services to travelers such as airline tickets, ground services, hotels, tours, transfers, package tours, including all processes from planning to the end of travel.”


Could you tell us about your establishment process?

In the mid-90s I started to see opportunities on the internet when I was working at the hotel. At that time I bought a computer and started to carry the hotel’s activities on the internet and made it a global chain franchise. I started my own business with the hotel management service in 1998 and started to do all the marketing online at that time. Later, I observed that the buying habits of users began to shift online from traditional agents, and in 2000 I set up a travel site that is selling online. Since then, we have been continuing our activities under the Metglobal Group roof with in Turkey, in global serving in 22 languages, and, a travel site serving to global agencies.


Could you specify your service solutions?

We provide the best price and availability for more than 500,000 hotels in more than 20,000 destinations around the world via our B2B interface to all travel agencies around the world and to end users all over the world via our B2C websites. We offer all services for travelers such as airline tickets, ground services, hotel, tour, transfer, package tours, covering all the processes from planning to the end of travel.


What are Metglobal’s places in the Turkish data center and cloud informatics?

From Brazil to China, from America to Australia, from the Middle East to Europe, we receive up to 150 million daily user searches from around the world. We need to deliver hundreds of products at the best price to these users faster than 1 second. For this reason, we need to use the best internet technologies. Cloud informatics allows us to scale traffic and provide this service on the most favorable conditions. In addition, by recording all these user data, we can create algorithms that allow us to get better prices. At the same time, we can better serve users by learning the buying behaviors of them. Now, thanks to Google and other technology companies that offer cloud services as open source, we are able to find more effective and quality products.


What are your vision and plans for the coming years?

We have a vision to “develop innovative solutions that create joyful experiences for global travelers!” Our plan is to deliver our software and infrastructure to our customers and suppliers all over the world as technological products in the coming years. And additionally, we think that the software we developed in-house will be a solution to a lot of problems in the sector and we plan to expand the industry by making our partners use this software.


How will Cloud technology help you achieve these goals?

We are doing one of the world’s most dynamic jobs both as business and technology. We have seen the Cloud infrastructure as beneficial as it is now, but hereafter we have higher expectations. While prices and availability vary within milliseconds, our customers go to other places if they do not get an answer within a few seconds. Instead of spending energy and resources to plan and sustain an infrastructure that still uses more than 20 TB of memory and a total of 8,000 CPUs, we focus on scaling our traffic and getting it on the best terms. While our cost savings are around 30%, we are able to get better prices than our suppliers with Artificial Intelligence algorithms that analyze our growing data. At the same time, we can better serve them by learning the buying behaviors of the users. With Google and other technology companies now offering cloud services as open source, we are able to find more effective and quality products in a very short time.

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