No city in North America can contend with New Orleans with regards to culture, food, notable historic architecture, joie de vivre and tourism options. Guests are charmed by the French Creole style of the Vieux Carre (French Quarter) or the opulence found in a streetcar ride through the Garden District and Uptown. Any time of year, your clients will find live music, stunning Creole and Cajun cuisine, crisp fish, farmers markets, shopping, nightlife and that’s just the beginning. During Mardi Gras season, the city turns into the world’s focal point. Downtown changes into a grown-up play area, while parades in neighborhoods give children excitement. Each spring, the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival moves the concentration to the enchanting Gentilly area and the Fair Grounds Race Course. In any case, regardless of the season, New Orleans’ calendar floods in festivity. There’s also a group of people known as the “never lefts.” They are the people who come to New Orleans as vacationers, and the city worked its enchantment on them.  They end up noticeably hypnotized by the magnificence of the French Quarter and the Garden District and wonder that history is alive underneath their feet. They tune in to music spilling out of doorways and street corners—jazz, Cajun, blues, whatever—and end up moving to a languorous beat. They kiss underneath gleaming gas lights and groove to a band in a club long past their typical sleep time. They eat extravagant meals and enjoy once more hours after with 3 am beignets at Café du Monde, where they watch the passing human parade. They’ll get the aroma of jasmine and sweet olive floating through the damp, sweet air. The New Orleans air… Individuals say romance is noticeable all around there. It’s valid, obviously, because the air is marvelous. It’s the dewy ingénue who grows up quick in the first act, perhaps delicately will whisper your client’s name, when they visit the city. That is the result of the never lefts. They visited the city of Mardi Gras, for a celebration, a gathering, and fell hard. New Orleans does that to visitors. What is it about this place? New Orleans, the unique city in the United States, works its charms like a spell. Offer your customers this magical city. Make them see, hear, and taste for themselves. The most ideal approach to get inside New Orleans is to dive right in. Tell them not to go for the obviously seen simply. Without a doubt, some visitors never left Bourbon Street and had a breathtaking time, yet the city has a lot more to offer. Check your clients whether New Orleans throws its alluring spell on them. Maybe they will understand the never lefts. Maybe they will even become one of them.

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