Who says you can’t mix business and leisure travel?

Employees traveling to fascinating and far-flung destinations for work are beginning to make a higher amount of their journey by consolidating business and leisure, prompting a pattern that specialists are calling “bleisure” travel.

In any case, this trend, which is for the most part determined by millennials, makes a challenge — and a chance — for travel and hospitality brands. As corporate and leisure travel turns out to be more interwoven, the problem for online travel agencies will be to offer the two kinds of travel to the same person, mainly when corporate travel isn’t typically set-up to accommodate leisure trips or split charges between the company and the traveler.The Rise of “Bleisure” Travel
Research by the Global Business Travel Association found that 37 percent of North American business travelers took a bleisure trip in 2017. More were millennials (48 percent), and just 23 percent were baby boomers. It is predicted that 2018 will be the year that bleisure becomes the norm.

Distinctive factors are driving this trend. Some bleisure voyagers are slightly stretching out business trips to decrease the general cost of taking a vacation, while others are taking advantage of adaptable corporate travel policies. Forbes reports that 57 percent of companies presently have an approach for employees to broaden a business trip into vacation time. That trend will surge in 2018 as ‘bleisure’ turns out to be more acknowledged by companies.Millennials Are Changing Business Travel
Generational shifts are driving the continuous increment in bleisure travel. Many millennials are attempting to accomplish as much as they can in their professional life and as soon as possible. They appear to see full excursions during their young adulthood as luxuries they can’t afford. Bleisure travel gives them the best of the two worlds. It permits them to locate their own harmony between work satisfaction and individual enlightenment.

Experts say companies that need to improve employees’ bleisure travel experience should enable them to understand what assets are accessible in regards to the leisure part of their travel and make strategies about preferred providers and booking channels. Technology, particularly artificial intelligence, is one way they can make this process more seamless.

As frequent travelers search for approaches to improve their opportunity and get the most out of their travel experience, online booking companies need to depend now like never before on innovative tools like AI to automate travel search and booking process. Experts say AI can upgrade human capabilities and enhance how travel and hospitality brands connect with clients by embedding AI technology into travel search and chat platforms, which can improve client service and engagement.

Taking the Agony out of Travel Planning
The bleisure travel trend has prompted a few ongoing mergers helping companies make the combination of corporate and individual travel more seamless. They offer their employees the seamless end-to-end travel shopping and booking experience, particularly for the today’s business voyager.

Around the similar time, some online travel companies that work in companies and lodging searches and have AI-powered travel arranging assistants. This blend implies they can do a stunningly better job for frequent travelers, in both their leisure and business travel. They remove the agony from travel and travel arranging by using their travel search and cost management tech to make a more coordinated experience for frequent travelers and to effortlessly enable employees to find the best hotel and flight alternatives.

As voyagers’ interests and employer strategies keep on evolving, bleisure travel should see more development. Also, a millennial workforce that needs more harmony amongst work and plays in all probability will drive this. Millennials are genuinely reshaping the corporate and leisure travel space since they have this massive desire for work-life balance. Employees are driving expectations that their work life should empower them to have new experiences and explore in culminate arrangement with their career necessities and goals.

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