With 4WD vehicles, you can offer your customers multiple travel advantages. In our daily lives, we are surrounded by cities, which are full of human-made things. To escape from the everyday stress of the city life, people are looking for avoiding their daily routines. Off-roading in Dubai deserts, give your clients the chance to elude from the stress of urbanization.

Overview of 4×4 Desert Safaris

Guests will be picked up by a comfortable 4×4 with a guide from your hotel. Give your clients a heads up to help them get ready for experiencing a lifetime journey, which will be a mixture of traditional and modern desert adventure. When they arrive at the desert, they will see a group of 4WD cars waiting, because a collection of vehicles starts the safari at the same time. Drivers deflate the tires since it is better to begin your journey with deflated tires. These 4WD cars can stay in an upright position at 70-80 degrees. It feels like as if the road ended, however, the car is going down by the steep slope.

Relaxing After the Safari

After a ride with your 4WD car, they can also enjoy driving an ATV on the sand. But they may need to wait a couple of minutes before finding a free ATV. At dusk, your clients can watch the sand, which is turned into the red with the sun breezes. They may also shop for souvenirs, which are sold in the tens around or get a henna tattoo. At the end of the day, guests can have their meal at the open buffet. While having their dinner, they will enjoy watching folklore dance, which is performed by the local dancers.

If you have customers, who like to discover top adventure travel destinations around the world, it’s time to offer them this thrilling experience. A Dubai desert safari is the ultimate travel experience, most of the tours come complete with 4×4 dune bashing, and a mouth-watering barbeque dinner accompanied by a belly dancing performance. So if you are waiting for the perfect pricing for Dubai hotels to offer your clients, the time is now.

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