With so many countries and regions around the world, your packing list will vary widely depending on where you are going, time of year you are traveling and what tour you choose to do.


Bring along a frameless backpack or a sports type shoulder bag as these are less bulky and easier to handle than rigid suitcases or framed backpacks. Suitcases are unsuitable for our tours and are not recommended. It is very important that you are able to carry all of your belongings long distances so your rucksack must fit comfortably on your shoulders. Make sure your backpack can be waterproofed and contains plenty of pockets as this makes living out of a backpack much easier.

Sleeping bags
For all travels that include camping nights, you will need to bring a sleeping bag. The style and thickness of sleeping bag required depend on the region you’re traveling in. If you do not have a four season sleeping bag, you may be able to purchase extra blankets locally.

Clothing & Footwear
All clothes should be lightweight, durable and easily washable. Nights can be cold at higher altitude so it is a good idea to bring at least one pair of warm trousers or jeans plus several thinner sweaters which you can layer.

The Essentials
The essential items vary from region to region, depending on the time of year, the altitude and the place you are traveling. Make sure you pack plenty of layers and clothes that will keep you sufficiently dry if it rains.

The following items are important and easily forgotten in the excitement of preparing for your trip.

  • A lightweight water/windproof jacket hood
  • Easy to pack wide-brimmed hat
  • Towel
  • Swimwear
  • Sandals or thongs
  • Travel sickness tablets

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