As a Cost Control Specialist at HotelsPro, maintaining good communication and working relationships with all providers is the key aspect of Canberk’s job. He prepares monthly payables and allocations by collecting data from providers; analyzing and investigating variances; summarizing data, information, and trends. He establishes a proper filing system, to allow easy to required documents for disbursement, audit purpose and reference, etc.  He also reviews and checks all invoices, matches them with purchase orders and receiving slips, perform test check and verify pricing, extensions, and additions on all invoices including counter checking against accepted supplier quotations.

Daily tasks:
✔Establishment of timely flow of information to Chief Accountant / Financial Controller

✔Accounts/ checks all outgoing items

✔Maintains files for paid and unpaid invoices

✔Ensures proper credit memos from suppliers are obtained.

✔Ensures proper account, allocation of expenses.

  • What area of HotelsPro do you work in?
    As you mentioned above I am working as Cost Control Specialist which controls supplier payments, we are working closely with Finance and Accounting Departments.
  • Tell us about your duties at HotelsPro.
    Our first responsibility is to receive statements from providers and calculating their payables monthly and bi-monthly, secondly, we have to allocate what we paid or not paid to supplier and control payment due dates with our finance team. My duty is Cross-Sales providers, almost all Cross-Sales (which means that they are our client and provider at the same time) are in my responsibility before calculate the payable I need to know their receivables to make offset that’s why I am working with A/R team closely.
  • What do you enjoy most about working at HotelsPro
    To be honest, I do enjoy mostly working with my team we are more than colleagues, the most enjoyable part is our ladies diet adventures in our department 🙂 They are starting a diet on Monday morning and finishing on Monday noon. We are discussing this case too much and make some jokes on it.
  • What is your most memorable travel experience?
    I would like to share my Work & Travel adventure in the U.S.A. I was working as an Officer in a resort named as Linekin Bay Resort in Boothbay Harbor, Maine ME. It was the best memorable experience for me. By the way, Maine’s lobsters are Guinness winner as the Best Lobsters on Earth ( i’ve just tried not the best for me). I worked in Maine and found a chance to travel almost everywhere on the East Coast of America. It was quite hard to adapt to Turkey again after this experience. I want to visit Maine one more time.
  • What about Galatasaray?
    Galatasaray is more than a club to support me, it is like a friend that I can share my all emotions in my heart. If you use the left entrance of the company you will see a flag with the colors of yellow and red with four stars you can understand that it is my table. Lastly, I am not supporting Galatasaray I believe in Galatasaray 🙂