Russia is set to see a 20% expansion in visitor arrivals throughout the following four years fuelled by the facilitating of major sports events. Russia is hosting a variety of sports event throughout the following six years peaking with the FIFA World Cup in 2018. The schedule begins two months from now with Moscow’s hosting of the World Athletic Championships and the Rugby Sevens World Cup. Additionally in 2013 is the Universiade (University Games) in Kazan, while 2014 sees Sochi have the Winter Olympics.

These occasions will convey an expanded concentration to the Russian inbound tourism industry which will enable guests to peak at in excess of 28.3 million – up 20% on 2012’s incoming sightseers’ figure of 23.7 million. The Euromonitor International report reveals this increase will be mainly fuelled by European destinations with Finish visitors increasing by 16% to nearly 1.3 million visitors in 2016. Polish visitors will increase by 25% to 857,000 in 2016, visitors from the UK will increase by 17% to 250,000, with Turkish visitors rising by 19% to 243,000.Visitors from the US will also increase by 15% to 301,000 in 2018.

Right now, Russia’s biggest inbound markets are the previous Soviet republics of Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan for the most part because of the similar languages, historical links, and authentic connections, enabling tourists to meet rapidly with loved ones. Inbound visitors are additionally anticipated to increase from China because of the improvement of visa controls between Russia and China.

But, the report – The Travel Industry Global Overview – states that visa barriers are right now a noteworthy limitation for inbound tourism to Russia. Travelers from most nations require a visa to enter which must be gotten in advance. There are ongoing talks with the EU in regards to changes to the visa procedure.

Russia outbound tourism was expected to rise a normal 8% a year until 2016. Russian outbound distribution is quickly moving online with a 50% increase in online spend anticipated throughout the following four years. Developing Internet penetration, joined with the recession has supported online searched as explorers look for deals, primarily within inside transportation.

The discoveries are exceptionally positive for the Russian market. For whatever length of time that the visa restrictions are limited, Russia will see its tourism industry become significantly over the following couple of years. Russia will be exhibited to the world with the hosting of all the major sporting event occurring, this being the ideal chance to feature Russia as a tourism destination.

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