After a whole upside-down year, we have landed in 2020. The last year’s favorite word was change. 2019 was the year of innovations, technological changes, and AI as expected in. 2019 was also challenging for the travel industry as well. Global warming, conflicts between countries, world politics and sustainability were the most issued topics among the travel community.  

Due to the geopolitical controversy, Egypt has been losing its charm, but in 2019 surprisingly the pyramids got their rightful reputation back. Seemingly the country became popular again. 

Speaking of sustainability “generation Y” tended to be more city breakers naturally. It has been a focal point for a long time, however, young travelers were trying to avoid mainstream travel plans. Yet they are into more experienced-based trips. So agencies should keep in mind that travel attitudes are shifting. 

Out of City

Especially middle-aged young travelers have been complaining about overcrowded touristy cities such as Venice, Prague, the famous Greek Islands, Rome. According to Epic Private journeys; “Less traveled destinations are getting more interest last years like Ethiopia, Madagascar, Northern Kenya, Bhutan, etc”  Travellers are more willing to embrace explorer’s mindset now. 

Alternative Destinations

Hence,  rather than consuming an oriented approach, having local experiences will be onboard more and more.

On the other hand, conventional and as well as the new media contributed to the traveler’s decision making on destinations.  Thanks to the game of thrones, Croatia became one of the most visited places in the world in 2019. Besides the famous TV shows, well preserved unique history to be considered as the charming side too. Yet we could not underestimate the globally known successful effects of the series. Understandably the fans are dying  to walk down the famous stairs of shame and greet the wall of the “Seventh Kingdom.” 

Obviously, travel agencies will have to consider the new generation travel behaviors in 2020. 


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