A tourist using ipad for navigation

It’s a very ordinary thing to say nowadays that our habits are changing. From top to bottom everything is on the line to connect to something, someone and so forth. No industry is yet able to resist the revision. One of the most touched by the new technologies is, for sure, the travel industry in itself.  The industry is in transition, no doubt. Old school methods are facing challenges. So travel agencies will have to embrace innovations more and more.

According to Google, travellers are more interested in planning their trips on the internet compared to the past. Especially famous internet generation millennials are the leaders of this diversity.  

Hence, how we position the travel industry within all the turbulence of search habits, social media awareness, and the influencer generation, is neither a unilateral question at all. Yet both parts (software providers and travel agencies)  should be engaging in the topics as much.

applications are being used by tourist

Middle-aged and young travellers are very fond of everything about new media and also very passionate about travelling too.  Accordingly, this combined attitude leads to a new understanding where social media, apps, blogs and the internet of things have a more significant place when it comes to travelling habits. 

Wholesale providers might use beacon systems, IoT or augmented reality to understand customer behaviour better. Besides, the internet of things can help both providers and agencies to have substantial insights, which can be used to interpret travellers changing behaviour.  Since everything is getting smarter nowadays.

In fact, Spain’s Hotel Technology Institute claimed that the Internet of Things “is going to be the major transformative factor in the personalization of the customer experience over the next few years.” 

Augmented reality or virtual reality entered the travel world a long time ago. Thinking about the possibilities, to my mind, no one can turn it down indeed. 

two boys are wearing virtual reality gadgets

Considering virtual assistants such as Alexa, Siri or more customized AI ones can meet our needs when we are on vacation. In addition, it helps providers and agencies figure out more personalized sale funnels eventually.

Consequently, innovations progressively will be playing essential roles in the travel industry and hospitality management in the following years.


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