Traveling around Italy remains one of those exceptional experiences in life – like a beautiful spring day or the intensity of first love – that can never be overvalued. In few spots do history, art, fashion, food, and la dolce vita (“the great life”) mix so easily. In Italy, you’ll discover sunny isles, icy lakes and red-hot volcanoes, rolling vineyards and urban scenes harboring more UNESCO World Heritage sites than any other nation on Earth. Hardly any spots offer such variety and a couple of guests leave without an intense desire to return. the-inspirational-italy-2

Western Art and Architecture

The artistic and architectural fortunes of Rome, Venice, Florence, and Naples attract guests to them like rotary wings to light. Not content with Romans conquering the greater part of the known world, the Venetians dispatched Marco Polo to undiscovered terrains off the map, while Giotto, Leonardo da Vinci, Brunelleschi and Michelangelo kicked the Renaissance in Western art and architecture.


Italian Wine

Glance around at all the awe-inspiring palaces, paintings, churches, and monuments and stand amazed at the era of hard graft and the unswerving commitment to conventional methods. Like the local art, wine is likewise intended to lift your spirits. From the perfectly united stone terraces of the Cinque Terre to the blousy slopes of Chianti, the riverine plain of the Po valley and the volcanic hillsides of Etna, Italian wines are affectionately made to complement the regional cuisine on your plate. the-inspirational-italy-4Like its food, this country is an endless feast of experiences. Don’t miss the chance to offer competitively priced Italy hotels to your clients. For more hotels please visit!

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