Constantly switching between time zones, searching for information, spending time while traveling, waiting at the airports, and staying in the hotel rooms are the lives of people working for a global company.
A glamorous image comes to our minds when we think of business travelers. However, in real life, business travelers suffer from sleep deprivation, stress, and illness because of the weakening of the immune system. The decreased health of employees affects business results negatively. We have created a list of tips to make business travelers suffer less:

  • Use a travel checklist.
  • Have one go-to piece of luggage that always works, no matter what kind of trip you’re taking.
  • Pack less than you think you need.
  • Bring clothes that are in dark colors.
  • Minimize wrinkles by packing dress shirts in dry cleaner bags.
  • Pack only versatile pieces of clothing.
  • Always use a trunk lock
  • Do not forget to exchange your money into local currency
  • Keep in mind the possible time differences
  • Charge everything the night before you travel.
  • Take appropriate electrical plug adapters.
  • Eat and sleep right.
  • Take C vitamin supplements.
  • Always keep an energy bar in your carry-on bag.



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