The present travel scene is radically different from decades earlier as digital has given voyagers better approaches for finding new ways of discovering, booking, and experiencing destinations. But, this doesn’t really imply that travel agents and consultants have turned out to be irrelevant and unnecessary, in spite of the regular recognition that digital tools and content have completely replaced the requirement for them.

A new study found that as travelers — whether millennials or baby boomers — hope to set out on more one of a kind, curated and adventurous trips, they’re open to turning to travel consultants to help them to design, as long as the cost is correct and their experiences can still be unique.

It’s nothing unexpected to discover that the dominant part of travelers starts arranging trips by investigating on the web. As indicated by the study, about 70 percent of leisure voyagers begin by gathering travel data online, with women being somewhat more likely than men to do as such. In any case, the study surprisingly demonstrated that millennials are twice as likely as those of other generations to contact a travel consultant as the initial phase of their research procedure. Fourteen percent of millennials, contrasted with 6 percent of baby boomers and 7 percent of Gen Xers said that reaching a travel consultant is the initial step they take toward gathering data about a leisure trip. While it’s encouraging to hear that millennials are more likely to first turn to a travel consultant right on time in the planning stage, the fact is, it’s still uncommon for voyagers to use them. Regardless of how old they are, voyagers still have various generally held perceptions about travel agents and consultants. The most widely recognized worry among voyagers is that using a travel agent to design a trip will cost more than arranging the vacation themselves, with about half of travelers surveyed agreeing with this.

Voyagers are additionally careful about using travel agents because of the concern that doing as such will make it hard to take remarkable, customized trips that fit their individual needs. The study found that about 33% of travelers said that not having the capacity to alter their vacations was the best reason they wouldn’t use a travel consultant and that 28 percent of voyagers were worried that using a travel consultant means they will be sold a travel package that isn’t unique to them.

Millennials specifically need their travel experiences to be genuine and privately engaged. Knowing this, it makes sense that these younger travelers are more worried than older voyagers that using a travel consulting will bring about having an excessively “touristy” experience. As indicated by the study, millennials were more than twice as likely as the baby boomer and Gen X voyagers to state that being not able to experience the local culture was a top worry about using a travel expert. There are a couple of things travel operators can do to interest voyagers, young and old. In the first place, travelers need the agents and experts they work with to offer to value and motivating incentives. The greater part of voyagers said that special pricing on trips would completely persuade them to contact a travel agent to get more data, while 44 percent said that data in regards to how much money can be spared by using a travel expert would convince them to do same. Then, more than 33% of travelers said that special amenities like free breakfast or other upgrades would persuade them to contact a travel consultant.

Travel operators looking to appeal to voyagers, particularly those on the younger end of the range, ought to likewise ensure their informing gets over the way that trips arranged with the assistance of travel agents and experts can meet the individual needs, and also give local, authentic experiences. Travel specialists and advisors hoping to catch the eye of millennial voyagers specifically should center around marketing across social media, other digital platforms, and work with HotelsPro for better pricing options. The study found that 58 percent of millennials would be persuaded to follow a travel specialist on social media by awesome photographs of places to visit, while another 56 percent would be convinced by links highlighting cool spots to visit.

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