Winter in Europe is a magnificent time to visit the most lovely Christmas markets. If your customers are searching for Christmas spirit and dream of the beautiful decorations, an aroma of Christmas cookies or the exquisite sound of Christmas carols, please jump into our collection of the top Christmas Markets in Europe, the best destinations for Christmas holidays.

Find the most beautiful Christmas markets, for example, the German Christmas markets in Aachen, Dresden, Cologne, yet also the enchantment of Christmas in Austria with the Christmas market in Vienna. You additionally can likewise make your clients pick some of the most wonderful Christmas markets in France, with Strasbourg and Colmar and in addition to Prague, Brussels, Manchester, and Zagreb.


Aachen’s splendidly lit Christmas market is set around the cathedral and town hall. This affectionately adorned “Christmas town” available on the market square has everything your heart could want. One nearby claim to fame you indeed should attempt is the Aachen Printen, a sort of gingerbread.

Consistently before Christmas the squares and roads around the Aachen Town Hall are changed into a heaven of lights and hues, merry sounds and tempting scents. The sublime fair in the Christmas City, which has been raised with incredible care and notion, interests both the youthful and the old.


Dresden’s Christmas Market is called Striezelmarkt; it is Germany’s most traditional and oldest Christmas Market with a long history going back to 1434. Its name gets from Hefestriezel, a sweet delicacy which hundreds of years after the fact have turned out to be known as “Dresden Christstollen.”

The Dresden Striezelmarkt is situated on the Altmarkt Square, in the historic downtown area. It is encompassed by different themed Christmas Markets, extending up to the central railroad station and the Albertplatz.


The city of Cologne offers more than 5 Christmas Markets altogether. Among them are four major Christmas Markets situated at the Cologne Cathedral, on the Alter Markt, on the Neumarkt, and on the Rudolfplatz. Consistently these brilliant four Christmas Markets pull in very nearly 2 million guests.
The Christmas Market at the Cologne Cathedral is the most noteworthy one in Cologne, because of the colossal scenery of the impressive Cathedral. Underneath the Cathedral and the biggest Christmas tree in the Rhineland, you can discover more than 160 merrily composed wooden pergolas.


The Christmas markets in Vienna are a deeply rooted custom. The pioneers of the present-day events go back to the Middle Ages when in 1298 Albrecht I conceded Vienna’s subjects the benefit of holding a December Market or “Krippenmarkt.” From that point forward, the character and predominance of these markets have changed impressively. These days, more than 20 official Advent Markets offer a vast range of seasonal gifts and mouth-watering treats.

The Viennese Christmas Market before the City Hall consists of 154 wooden pavilions in the focal point of the Rathausplatz. It offers the chance of meeting friends, purchasing presents for the family and friends, and, encompassed by the smells of lebkuchen and cinnamon, delightful chestnuts and hot punch, to be transported into a Christmas wonderland.


The Strasbourg Christkindelsmärik is the oldest and most traditional Christmas market in France, dating back to 1570 so it’s nothing unexpected that the city views itself as the capital of Christmas. Consistently, from the last week in November to the end of December, the town gets assumed control by everything Christmassy. Shop windows are changed into winter wonderlands, and the streets are animated with twinkling lights and merry festoons.

The market spreads out over the focal point of the town, centered around Cathedral square and Place Broglie where hundreds of stalls sell ornaments, toys, food and mulled wine to keep you warm as you walk around.


The enchantment of Christmas in Colmar, above all else there’s the atmosphere of the Old Town, lit up and beautified like a fairy tale. It is a memorable setting made magical by the Christmas enlightenments which blend harmoniously with the excellent lighting intended to improve the town’s legacy and lay a soothing aura of light at the center of Colmar.

Town center which is pedestrian, involves various architectural treasures, for example, landmarks, holy places, museums and alleys from Middle Age to the nineteenth century. Try not to miss to be astounded by the Maison Pfister, the Koïfhus, Unterlinden historical center, Little Venice, the House of the Heads and Saint Martin Collegiate church.


Guests from all over the world visit to see the Christmas markets in Prague. Some exceptional items that are accessible at the markets are Christmas ornaments and holiday decorations, and customary Czech Christmas treats, tablecloths, Frankincense or the Czech Christmas blend called purpura. Some different things on offer are Czech wooden toys, crafts, accessories, scented candles or handcrafted soap.

You can taste some common Czech food that is made fresh directly in front of you. Hot wine, grog, and the warm honey liqueur called medovina suits well with the cold weather. Czech Christmas carols provide a friendly atmosphere, and after the sunset, the markets are lit up wonderfully.


Drawing in people from everywhere throughout the UK and beyond, the market has put Manchester downtown area immovably on the Christmas map  – the Christmas Market has turned out to be a fantastic place to shop as well as an enormously prevalent leisure destination in its particular right. No Mancunian winter is finished without a stroll through the chalet-lined alleys of the markets. With almost 350 delightfully decorated stalls and chalets spreading over ten particular markets over the downtown area, the Christmas Markets are free and available to all.

Splash up to the air and take after the market trail as it twists through the downtown area, enticing you with gifts, crafts, jewelry, clothes, and toys. Making decisions to buy presents is getting harder each year because European and local producers offer everything from fine jewelry, high-quality leather bags, and best quality bonsai trees, to handmade Belgian kitchenware, framed photograph prints, and French soaps.


For five happy, exciting weeks, from November 24 to December 31, 2017, the paved streets and beautiful squares of Brussels brighten up with Winter Wonders, a two-km-long extend of snow-tidied market chalets, vivid bars, and restaurants.

The grand fir tree, the magnificent light and sound show, the fabulous ‘video mapping’ on the façade of the St Catherine church, the cheerful Christmas Parade of RTL … And likewise the popular attractions: the Ferris wheel, the carousels, the slalom, the Ice Monster… There is an option for everyone in the Christmas market of Brussels.


The sound of Christmas bells, the aroma of gingerbread, hot wine, and different desserts… During the Advent season, Zagreb offers a variety of occasions that will fulfill even the most requesting guests. A lot of fun, incredible food, one of a kind event, art, yet also an authentic Christmas atmosphere awaits you in Zagreb.

The main square of Ban Jelačić has a little winter village at one side, what influences you to feel like you would wind up in a snowy town in the Lapland. High trees, covered with snow and enlivened with lights are ideal for making a portion of the best photograph snapshots of your Zagreb Christmas market trip. The white wooden houses, offering hot wine and traditional food, make it an extraordinary place to be around.

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