As the largest country, Russia offers a wide range of tourist opportunities to its foreign visitors. Russia is a transcontinental country, covering much of the eastern and northeastern Europe and the whole of northern Russia. Russia is including the 1/7 of our planet. Russia is home to 12 seas within its territory.

Russia is an old country with long history. To redefine its place in the international economy, it developed a focus on tourism activities. The tourism market shows a sustained growth recently, with main flows arriving at the most important cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg. The country shows significant potential for future development. There are several trends of the tourism sector in Russia. Here you can read the types of tourism in Russia and offer your clients a holiday in the lungs of Europe.

Space Tourism in Russia
Space tourism is a space travel program for leisure purposes. Several companies were produced to create sub-orbital space tourism industry in recent years. Space tourism opportunities are limited. Only Russian Space Agency is providing transport to date. In 2001 American Dennis Tito paid a reported $20 million to become the first space tourist to fund his trip to the ISS. A Soyuz TM-32 spacecraft launched the mission. As a crew member, he spent about eight days in orbit. Another six space tourists followed Tito before Russia canceled the program.

Culture Tourism in Russia
Recently, the most massive tourist area in Russia can be considered as Moscow, St. Petersburg and cruises on the Volga and Don Rivers.
A wide variety of incredible travel destinations Is available within the European part of Russia. The most popular routes Include the historic cities of the Golden Ring, riverboat cruises along the Volga River and up to the Russian North and Northwest. These routes invite you to experience Russian history, immerse yourself In the culture and learn its traditions. New cultural and educational travel destinations are being offered with every new tourist season.

Health Tourism in Russia
Medical Tourism is traveling to another country to receive specific medical services. The reasons for obtaining medical services in other countries could be the more affordable price, better service quality than in the land of residence. Also, people might be interested to discover the country itself and to make it a single package with medical treatments or medical checkup procedures. With the area of more than 17 million square kilometers, Russia is the biggest country in the world. According to World Health Organization reports, Russia has more clinics and medical workers than any other country in the world on a per-individual basis. The medical treatment price can be three times lower than the price for the same service in the USA and Europe. In specific areas, like laser eye surgery and heart surgery. Russian clinics offer the most advanced technologies available nowadays.

Ecotourism in Russia
Russia’s natural scenery has vast potential as an ecotourism destination. Russia is one of the top promising countries for the development of ecotourism. In Russia there are 35 national parks, 100 state nature reserves with total area – 33,5 million hectares, 68 state nature preserves of federal meaning, 2976 state nature preserves of regional meaning with total area – 67,8 million hectares, 1024 nature monuments, 31 natural parks of regional meaning, with total area 13,2 million hectares. Environmental heritage of the country can be seen in almost every region of the country. There are also some ecological tours in Russia that give the opportunity of exploring the country in the western part of the country. Additionally, in the Far Eastern State Marine Preserve with its seaside and 11 islands, you may observe the whales, silver pomfrets, swordfishes, tiger sharks, hammerhead sharks, toxic pufferfishes, white-bellied porpoises, and seals by walking around the preserve or diving.

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