For travel professionals of the world, HotelsPro is the leading hospitality marketplace that seamlessly offers the fastest access to the most relevant, competitively priced hospitality products and solutions on a global scale.

Why HotelsPro?

More than 34,000+ travel professionals trust our system to book the best hotels and activities at lowest wholesale rates for their customers.

  • Extensive & dynamic global inventory (marketplace model)
  • Effective, efficient and professional team and operations
  • Expertise in designing intuitive and practical user experiences (fluidity, speed, ease of integration)
  • Broad network of global suppliers and partners supported by local presence
  • In-depth insight into local markets and ability to utilize this knowledge via language, currency and customer-centric content
  • Cutting-edge hospitality solutions partner and efficient, dynamic, professional team and operations
  • 500,000+ Hotels
  • 25,000+ Transfers
  • 205+ Countries
  • 15,000+ Destinations
  • 34,000+ Travel Professionals
  • Car rental
How We Differentiate?
We Grow Globally
  • Keep up with the dynamic hospitality industry through benefitting from HotelsPro’s strong portfolio that ranges from independent and boutique hotels as well as international hotel chains.
  • We have a steady supply of inventory across all continents and we offer competitive prices. Furthermore, you can hold reservations without payment.

We Tailor Locally
  • Dedicated to growing and diversifying our global inventory and increasing our understanding of local markets, we deliver more relevant local content and products.
  • HotelsPro guides you to anticipate and exceed your customers’ expectations with language, currency, local insights and customer-centric content such as changes in consumer behavior.
  • HotelsPro plans the ultimate travel dream for your customers through optimized daily programs such as sightseeing, tours, show tickets and much more.

We are Connected

HotelsPro makes your life easier with a fully interactive, user-friendly and leading-edge online reservation system. Multiple and secure payment options are available to your liking.  No roadblocks to HotelsPro’s customers as we offer you 24/7 localized customer service.

We Provide State-of-Art Business Intelligence Solutions

HotelsPro’s state-of-art insight and analytics platform enable you to clarify and utilize a complex set of data. With our state of the art business intelligence solutions you can:

  1. Easily monitor all the sales you’re running
  2. Gather local insight and live data to back your key business decisions
  3. Conveniently analyze and understand customer behavior
  4. Decode all travel-related data
  5. Monitor and track your operational requests

Our dedication to collect and analyze data enables you to predict and anticipate consumer needs and deliver the right product and run the most relevant campaigns

What is New in HotelsPro?

HotelsPro globally offers the fastest access to the most relevant and competitively priced hospitality products. Our user-friendly tools, which evolve based on consumer feedback, make us the leader in the global travel with a diversified portfolio of 500K+ hotels in more than 205 countries, 25K transfers, and 15K tours & activities. Here is a list of the new features of the HotelsPro:

List of Brand New Options
  • Now you can search by writing landmark, street name or hotel name in the search box.  
  • We have developed a more simple interface for our customers. Since they are already struggling in the chaotic structure of everyday life, we wanted to take their burden in professional life and created the ultimate simplicity for them. So that you may access to more than 500,000 hotels by one-click.
  • You may now make your payment with multiple currency options.
  • We have developed a brand new create offer option. As a result, you can create a pdf, with your company logo to make a tender to your customer.
  • You can make various favorite lists by choosing favorite products of yours. Itemize hotels for a client or in a particular city and save them to reach out quickly for later.
  • You can contact our operation team by raising a ticket, in case you need help on our new interface.
  • You can access our Car Rental and Tours & Transfers options by clicking on the search box in When you tap on the search box, a drop-down menu will appear, thus you can easily find out the Car Rental and  Tours & Transfers tabs.
  • We have developed a brand new create offer option. You can create a pdf, with your company logo to make a tender to your customer. Choose maximum 5 room images and types while creating an offer.
  • You can move Cancellation Policy in Voucher or Booking Summary.
  • You can register your credit card in the system in order to avoid submitting information at every turn.

Visit HotelsPro for the competitively priced hospitality products.

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